Roopesh Peethambaran plans to sue Richie producers

In a Facebook post, last week, praising Kannada film Ulidavaru Kandante, he said, “It’s pretty hard to imagine how a masterpiece turned into a piece.” His observations came on the day Nivin’s Tamil film, which is based on the Kannada hit, released in theaters even he was yet to watch the latest Tamil film. Producers Vinod Shornur and Anand Payyanur of Richie has accused Roopesh of causing serious damage to the film with his comments and reportedly demanded “strong punitive action” against him. That was never my intention. In return, Roopesh has revealed that he was considering legal action against the makers of Richie on defamation charges. “He has his freedom to say anything. I apologise for the pain I may have caused due to this. “I will be moving the court and seeking damages for tarnishing my image. He even made an audio message explaining his English post in Malayalam. Nivin remade the film as Richie, which released last week to mixed reviews from the critics. The controversy has now intensified as he is contemplating whether to file a defamation suit against the filmmakers of Richie, who has moved the Kerala Producers Association against him. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
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Published: December 12, 2017 5:41 pm

Roopesh Peethambaran’s Facebook post on Richie sparks controversy

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