Top 5 horror movies of 2017: Get Out, It, Annabelle Creation and more

This is the best (and worst) kind of horror because it is closest to reality. 4. It Comes at Night: If there was a good out-and-out psychological horror this year, it was It Comes at Night. It may be jump-scares (when a ghost appears out of nowhere and you feel a sort of jolt), blood and gore, torture, atmosphere, and psychological horror that is, in my opinion, the best kind if done well. 3. Casual racism, though, does. Then there are some horror movies that are not really horror but are scary or creepy in the sense that they bring up those bad things that happen in real-life and to which we have turned a blind-eye. Gerald’s Game: A much less talked about Stephen King adaptation, Gerald’s Game was made on a lower budget than It and was released on a small screen platform, Neflix, but it was almost every bit as good. David F. This year had all of these movies and here is a list of top five of those movies that scared, shocked and creeped the hell out of us. But it was the younger cast, the children, that stole the show. It can be just, or even more, effective when held back. And that makes us uncomfortable. Sandberg is undeniably good in that aspect. Get Out: This film scares us not because it has ghosts or the sci-fi sort of brain-transplant thing (it does have the latter but that’s just a plot device), it is scary because it is centred upon what most of us (or more precisely, Americans) do not like to talk about. Related News
Insider trailer: This English-language remake of French original looks genuinely terrifyingTop 10 horror movies you should watch this Halloween on NetflixPhantom Films joins hands with Blumhouse Productions and Ivanhoe Pictures to produce horror filmsHorror movies never lose their appeal. 2. The fear of the unknown is the most potent kind of fear. Annabelle: Creation: The dreaded doll that we first saw in The Conjuring got its origin story in Annabelle: Creation. 1. It: The scariest novel by the scariest writer Stephen King got a solid adaptation this year and we already cannot wait for the sequel. While the film had plotting problems, it did get the horror quotient right. Filmmakers use disparate methods to scare people. 2017-12-25T12:57:30+00:00″>
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Here is a list of top ten of those movies that scared, shocked and creeped the hell out of us. 5. A superb post-apocalyptic horror film. Ghosts scare us but we know, deep inside, that they do not really exist. There is something about getting scared that is enjoyable, though it is hard to explain why. Gerald’s Game adapts a middling King novel and turns it into a compelling, keep-on-their-toes horror film that is harrowing throughout. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd it is clear that creepy-looking dolls are not going out of fashion in horror cinema anytime soon. Alexander Skarsgård delivered an amazing performance as the titular entity that terrorises a small town in Maine, United States. This Joel Edgerton film smartly holds back details, and is proof that horror does not have to be in-your-face.