When Dilip Kumar made headlines with the actresses of his times

Dilip Kumar’s unmatched charm and good looks swept many off their feet, and he still remains an epitome. The two had already worked in Sangdil and Amar, but it was their third film Tarana where cupid struck. That led to the end of a blossoming romance. But destiny got them together and Saira, then 22, married her dream man Dilip, 44, in 1966. Hence, to live upto her words, she married her brother-in-law BS Sood and broke all ties with Dilip. Things went awry and Madhubala had to quit the project as she couldn’t disobey her father. Maybe this is why Dilip Kumar’s wife Saira Banu fell in love with him when she was 12. Saira remarried Dilip after that and they continue to remain strong. Also, Kamini had promised her dying sister to take care of her two daughters. She asked Dilip to apologise to her father which he refused. Their public romance made news as they kept going strong until they began work on the film Naya Daur. But probably, it was the iconic film Devdas in 1955 that established him as the tragedy king, a tag which still remains synonymous with the legendary actor. However, Saira’s dream romance got a jolt when Dilip fell in love with Asma from Hyderabad. People say it was the loss of the industry, or the loss of the viewing public, but I would say it was the loss of a personal life.”
Dilip Kumar and Vyjayanthimala

Though they never accepted this relationship, people close to them on their films’ sets confirmed Vyjayanthimala’s fondness for her co-star and their rumoured affair. The two were even on the verge of getting married when Kamini’s brother interfered. He was apparently not happy with the relationship and even threatened to break all ties with his sister. But he refused to get into any relationship after losing Madhubala. Related News
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Dilip Kumar’s rumoured affairs with his female co-stars made a lot of news back then. He got so attracted to Asma within months that he divorced Saira to marry her in 1979. Blame it on his honest performances, he had the calibre to move any heart and leave his audience in tears. But soon he got to know that Asma was cheating on him and hence their marriage ended in the next three years. It is said Madhubala’s father didn’t want her to work at a particular location for the film and asked director BR Chopra to change it. Here is a look back at all his alleged real-life romances. Dilip Kumar and Kamini Kaushal

It all, reportedly, began on the sets of 1948 film Shaheed. Here’s wishing him a very happy birthday! Dilip Kumar and Madhubala

Their’s was, reportedly, one of the most tragic real-life love stories. It was said that Dilip first accepted his love for co-star Kamini but she never really spoke about it publicly. The two did 6 films together and their sizzling onscreen chemistry also spilled over their off-screen bonding. Dilip Kumar even refused to get paired opposite Saira as he thought she was too young. The two had starred in films like Arzoo, Shabnam and Nadiya Ke Paar. From the eternal beauty Madhubala to Kamini Kaushal, a lot of actors were reportedly floored by Dilip Kumar’s effervescence. Also read | Happy Birthday Dilip Kumar: The icon who livened up the silver screen of dull 80s
As much as several of his onscreen love stories remained a sob-story or that comprising of a lot of heartbreaks and emotions, his rumoured real-life romances proved that his charm couldn’t escape any of his leading ladies. Dilip Kumar was quoted as saying, “Even in her opted life, she was not happy, and she came to a premature end, which was very sad. Chopra in turn sought Dilip’s help to sort things out, leading to some major ego tussles. The news of Dilip’s wedding further shattered Madhubala, who in turn had a very stressful marriage to Kishore Kumar. Her depression was a major reason behind her falling health and her untimely death. In the times when Madhubala had been approached by the biggest actors, she ditched everyone and gave her heart to Dilip Kumar.