Whose Drumline is it Ayway?

Known for his “reverse engineering” abilities, Mayer and Nerve use jazz’s improvisational techniques to create an interaction between live drumming and electronic music. Is that why you named your band Nerve? As a drummer, I cannot play like a drum machine, but I realised that I could create the illusion that I can. As a performer, improvisation has been the most fascinating aspect and the most rewarding one, because it’s that zone where you really become creative, in the moment. In retrospect, I think it’s fine, because Nerve is about how information travels through our analog bodies as it relates to the circuitry of a computer — just like our music. What got you interested in magic? Perfectionism implies an egotistical point of view, which can be a trap, whereas clarity is about getting the point across. There have always been great ideas in religion, politics and art, and it is just a matter of time till those ideas become co-opted by interests that are different from the value that created those ideas. At the venue, Stone Water Eco Resort, Bogmalo, Mayer talks about creating illusions, the future of performance and magic. You received your first drum kit when you were two. A journalist from NYT asked me what the name of the band was, and I didn’t really have a name yet. They’re related but they’re not the same. From jazz to electronic music, how did that shift happen? But even he seemed transfixed by what he was hearing: improvised live music with electronic textures, and a 54-year-old Swiss drummer whose playing echoed a drum machine. If you use a knife the same way, the blade becomes dull. With jazz, if you try and control the rules and the style, then that becomes more important than the expression itself. So, I improvised (chuckles) and said Nerve. Magic to me is a way to reclaim the loss of innocence of childhood. The problem with academia is that somehow, it co-opts certain ideas and this becomes a problem when we talk about art, or say, in this case, jazz. Electronic music creates a certain level of perfection that we as humans aren’t able to do. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App So, I abandoned the concept of perfection from my artistic vocabulary and replaced it with clarity. In music and in life, stepping into the unknown takes courage. You’ve also said that knowledge, the academic kind, has distorted the narrative around jazz music. Fifty two years later, what do you strive for? Excerpts from a conversation:
You’re an amateur magician. It’s the opposite of planning, is fuelled by intuition, and that’s what separates us from machines. 2017-12-16T00:18:31+00:00″>
Published: December 16, 2017 12:18 am

Jojo Mayer

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