Bigg Boss 11, January 5 preview: The race to top five gets tougher for the housemates

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The nominated contestants are all geared up to step out to meet their fans. Related News
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The #BB11 housemates take a dig at each other during the debate session. Who will be the lucky top five of Bigg Boss 11? Let us know in the comment box below. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd During Vikas’ turn, Puneesh Sharma will say that Vikas is a mastermind when it comes to strategy and playing the game, but he is a weak person at heart. We already reported how the crowd went berserk seeing their favourites and misbehaved with Hina by pulling her hair. Catch all the excitement tonight at 10:30 PM on #BB11. Witness the drama tonight at 10:30 PM. See what all you can expect in Bigg Boss 11, January 5 episode:

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Bigg Boss 11, January 5 preview: The housemates will have to defend themselves with discussions and debates over accusations put on them by the rest of the contestants. The inmates got a golden chance to appeal in front of a live audience and save themselves from the evictions. Who are you rooting for? In tonight’s episode, gear up to see the housemates meet the maddening crowd, chanting out their favourite’s name.
— COLORS (@ColorsTV) January 5, 2018
As the day will progress, Bigg Boss will announce that the four nominated contestants – Shilpa, Luv, Hina and Vikas will be moving out of the house and meeting fans for a live vote appeal. Catch it all tonight at 10:30 PM. #BBSneakPeek
— COLORS (@ColorsTV) January 5, 2018

The 4 nominated contestants step out of the #BB11 house for the first time for an open eviction process.