Birthday special: Nicolas Cage’s craziest moments

If one says he is just brilliant, or just horrible, you can quote instances where he has been brilliant and horrible and justify both. Unkind people would call that overacting, of course, but that is because they are unkind. Nicolas Cage goes crazy. 2018-01-07T06:30:45+00:00″>
Published: January 7, 2018 6:30 am

Nicolas Cage turns 54 today. Oh, and he has an Academy Award. And no Oscar-winning actor can be bad at acting, right? Well…
Today, the Gone in Sixty Seconds actor turns 54 today, let us look at the top five moments when the actor, for want of a better word, immersed himself into the role and went, well, batshit crazy. Related News
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When Nicolas Cage proves that he can recite the whole English alphabet. I meant crazy. Anyway, here we go. Here, he dares the airport authorities to put him into an “airport jail.”
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© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd Honeymoon in Vegas – Nicolas Cage loses his patience

Nicolas Cage is not known for patience. Deadfall – Nicolas Cage’s goes crazy. This is spectacular. It is like he were an erratic electric bulb, fluctuating between two extremes. Cynics would say this is too over-the-top, but what do they know? It is for this reason it is hard to pin down how he is as an actor. The Wicker Man – “Not the bees”

Nicolas Cage does a stunningly realistic depiction of how a man would scream when bees are poured over his face in this scene in 2006 film The Wicker Man. National Treasure 2 – Nicolas Cage makes a scene. The American actor has given great performances in some really great movies, but he has also delivered atrocious performances in execrable movies. But we, the die hard Nicolas Cage fanatics, know he is a magnificent thespian and does complete justice to the roles he gets. Even then, he probably has more memes than movies to his credit. Nicolas Cage goes Nicolas Cage. When in doubt, ask Nicolas Cage to make a scene. Oh boy. Again. Nicolas Cage has ridiculously huge filmography.