Mukkabaaz actor Vineet Kumar Singh: I knew one day life will be worth the wait and struggle

I can punch like an actual boxer. I was constantly showing the script to people and rewriting one draft after another. Anurag Kashyap changed many things in the film and made many additions too. (With what face would I go and ask for work?). Now I even think like a boxer and understand the game like a professional. 2018-01-10T19:46:18+00:00″>
Published: January 10, 2018 7:46 pm

Mukkabaaz actor Vineet Kumar Singh says he never asked Anurag Kashyap for work. From lifting tyres and weights, runs, grueling workouts, I did it all to become a boxer. The feeling is only just starting to sink in. I came here to become an actor. I thought that one day life will be worth the wait and struggle. I had included the politics and the way sportsmen are treated in our country. I was only focused on acting. I don’t want to repeat my work. That night I packed all my bags and left the city. I didn’t want to play similar roles again and again. This is why I decided to write a script for myself. Q. Q. I knew Anurag Kashyap personally but never asked him for work. Q. I have just completed Gold with Akshay Kumar and I am also a part of Dasdev. While Vineet’s performance in Bombay Talkies, Gangs of Wasseypur and Ugly got the recognition he needed as an actor, but it didn’t bring him the kind of work he wanted to do. So I chose boxing and I wanted to tell a story of a sportsman. I came to Mumbai in 1999-2000. Tell us about that. Luckily when I first met him, he was casting for Gangs (of Wasseypur) and then I worked in two other film with him – Bombay Talkies and Ugly. But that film flopped and all my dreams just shattered with it. It was all surreal. You have struggled for ten years. I went through training to become a professional boxer. I came and auditioned for a talent hunt competition. I can never forget the phone call I received once he read the script. Kyuki kis muh se unke pass jata? I returned as a boxer. Both of us have the Benaras connection but nothing else. I was getting desperate too. There are a lot of things happening right now. After a training of two years, according to my coaches, I am capable of playing at the national level. This is when I thought that this was my big break and now I would become a star. What does that feel like? But after Gangs, I realised that I was getting similar work, which I was not happy with. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
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In this interview with, the actor talks about his struggles, the work he wants to do and what does his film Mukkabaaz mean to him. Do you feel like ‘you have arrived’? After that, I struggled for 10 years before I got some good work. My parents and sister had more belief in me than I did. After winning the competition, I got my first Marathi film with Mahesh Manjrekar. I played basketball on national level. People are finally paying attention to you. But didn’t want to make a team film as I felt that the focus will not be on me alone then. I just wanted to unlearn everything that I knew and do as Anurag sir asked me to do. Were you okay with that? I had to use my sister’s savings to survive. I didn’t want to be one of those guys who has been rejected by him. He said otherwise he will not make the film. The film opened MAMI and was received well. Anurag Kashyap almost reworked your script to make the film. This time it didn’t matter to me and I also trust this man. For Mukkabaaz, you even went and became a proper boxer. Whenever I pitched my script to anybody, l had one condition that I would play the lead character. Just as the film was out, messages from various directors filled my message box. I am prepared for it. Some even asked me to choose another role but I was adamant. After roaming around with it for three years, I decided to ask Anurag for his suggestions. Q. I have been offered a lot of roles now. As I had a sports background, I decided that I would write a script on the struggles of a sportsman. His struggles and condition in the Indian sports arena. People liked the script but they couldn’t see me as the lead. I have been preparing for a long time for this. I was in a dire state. I had struggled a lot and my family also sacrificed so much for me. Related News
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