Playing Kabir Sawant was a nightmare: Breathe actor Amit Sadh

Kai Po Che was okay, Sarkar 3 was mad. You are speaking to one.”
“I had an extreme dark, actually I wouldn’t like to use that word. I would like to say these are intense characters. He has certain circumstance but also has a certain darkness to him. It is only in the last 10 minutes that I start being aggressive after my character loses his parents. To be honest, none of these characters (including Breathe) are same. I have evolved in terms of looks, speech pattern, compassion or empathy I have. He went on to elaborate on how he deals with fear. In fact, people are showering love on Amit as Kabir and calling it as the best thing about the series. Playing Kabir has been a nightmare. However, the actor, who seemed to have mastered serious roles, did not have a cake-walk experience while portraying Kabir. On being asked if this series will make him explore the medium, Amit said, “I will soon start season 2. It was very difficult. I don’t have any fear and only grateful for the opportunities I have got so far. Every story has to have medium and this was the best platform for this. “I was shooting for Gold, which is my forthcoming film. My character had no opinion. I replied that I do intense roles so right. His character comes across as a person who is unapologetically brutal but is suffering and pained from within because of his personal mishaps. “Like I said before, I like picking characters that have a bit of everything within them because as human beings you, me or anyone are not just one dimensional. And what work awaits me in the future, I am ready for it. So, let’s say, I like to play characters or pick characters where I can see their good and bad,” said Amit Sadh on being asked if intense roles are his comfort zone. Be it Kai Po Che to Sarkar 3 and now, web series Breathe, Amit, somehow, suits the character of a broken soul. Amit said, “I don’t agree that fear has to do something with the industry. But has he met anyone similar? He is very good at everything he does. My friends are telling me that this is the best performance I have given so far. Watch Breathe trailer here: 

The actor refers to himself as a ‘lukkha’ and a ‘prankster’ on the sets. He prefers his characters to be referred to as “intense” but not aggressive. Reema (Kagti), the director, told me that she is surprised that nobody has tapped into this side of real me. Neither were my roles in Guddu Rangeela and In Kai Po Che, I played the character of a young boy. When you meet such people and engage with their pain, you know they are damaged but are beautiful people,” Amit expressed. Related News
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Amit’s character in Breathe is of Kabir Sawant, a Senior Inspector. I am getting compliments for Breathe. I have no complains if I keep getting the same thing as far as it is affecting the audience and anything that pays my rent on time, I am cool with that,” Amit quipped. In a conversation with, the Breathe actor talks about the Amazon Original series and his tryst with complex or rather intense roles. That is what I have done (with Kabir’s role).”

As the conversation comes to an end, Amit Sadh shared that he would soon start shooting for Breathe’s season 2. For me, it was not about web series. I will make the most of it. It is about the character. 2018-01-27T16:59:55+00:00″>
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Amit Sadh talks about his tryst with intense characters. “My character in Sultan wasn’t aggressive. “I have. For how long, I am not sure.”
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© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd Why should I fear? I am going to be busy with this. But having said that he refuses to have any sort of fear or set-back in being typecast in the film industry. I had a challenging past, which has been a great source of learning. But I was very excited about playing this part and the credit also goes to my director/writer Mayank who wrote this part beautifully. What makes it attractive to me was that he had a bit of everything. But the actor is quite quick to correct us.