Shekhar Suman: We might bring back Dekh Bhai Dekh

Today with the way artistes are threatened openly, don’t you think it affects art and creativity? We plan to make a film this time. You are also doing theatre and singing. Once the script is ready, I’ll leave for Kashmir for more research. Delhi Bhai Dekh might come back too and Aanand Mahendroo will direct it. My play Ek Mulaqat with Deepti Naval is going on. You are an actor and you are making a film too. We recently saw you in Bhoomi. So, we thought why not, let’s do this. Movers and Shekhars will be a web show as well as a live show. Because they are already in an independent India, so what independence are they talking about? We’ll start shooting once the script is ready. This film is a sensitive one, and we are going to shoot it in English and in Hindi, because I want the global audience to see it. He also talks about the possibility of iconic TV show Delhi Bhai Dekh making a comeback as a film. But today any group is coming and threatening creative people. The cast will remain the same, just grown up, unfortunately dadaji and Navin Nischol aren’t wish us. I do it because it is my passion. Then he went through a series of issues. 2018-01-06T13:07:35+00:00″>
Published: January 6, 2018 1:07 pm

Shekhar Suman reveals Dekh Bhai Dekh might comeback in web-series format. He talks the same way. Sanjay is immensely fond of music and I didn’t know that. I am actually preparing to bring Movers and Shakers back. I am then doing another play written by Sharad Joshi. And my live singing concerts called Dil Se are basically filled with retro songs. I play the iconic Sahir Ludhianvi. Every evening we would catch-up. They want to know what happens in Kashmir. Actors and other creative people need to have a sense of freedom. He has his friends who are singers, so he has scouted them out and recorded these songs. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd How was it getting back together on screen with Sanjay Dutt after almost a decade? Yes, of course it does. The message is straight. We were so progressive 23 years ago, what has happened today? Any plan to bring back Movers and Shakers and Dekh Bhai Dekh? The cast will be quite interesting. However, now that we got together again, we had a great time. There is an interest. And I strongly believe that violence doesn’t serve any purpose. It’ll be a good mixture of theatre actors and some young actors from Kashmir. It is an eternal love story with Amrita Pritam. I don’t know if I will be able to make this film or people will let me. This is like curbing their democratic right. We were shooting in Agra and stayed in the same hotel. We have done 180 shows, and next month we are performing in Singapore and Dubai. They have a very romantic notion about their acts, so I am going to tell a story from their point of view, as well as from the other point of view. He is the same old Dutt he always was. It is still being written and should be done very soon. It is called Waah Nawab Waah, directed by Aanand Mahendroo. Sanjay has not changed. Yes, we first worked together in a movie called Insaaf Apne Lahoo Se. We had a great time. We had a good time there and he is also politically inclined so we have a lot of talks about politics. Tell us about your film Pattharbaaz. He has recorded hundred songs which he has written. Pattharbaaz is a film on stone pelting that happened in Kashmir. Without seeing the film, how can people react like this and slap the man? You cannot survive and breathe in the atmosphere of fear, and where you can’t express your true self. Aanand is coming with an entertainment hub, and it will have an amphitheater. Let’s have a show in front of a live audience. There is this poster boy of Kashmir who is asking for an independent Kashmir. And that is what has happened with Sanjay Leela Bhansali. This time on the web. We were brothers and it was a typical Bollywood film, directed by Manmohan Desai’s chief assistant. For me, I am trying to make a very sensitive film and this makes me wary and apprehensive about it. Related News
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