Arijit Singh: I struggled a lot to make my place in the industry

For all those who do not know, Arijit surprises his audience by singing songs sung by other artists. I had struggled a lot to make my place in the industry so I was very apprehensive about giving the songs a personal touch or anything at all. Sometimes it’s because of the relationship with the music composer. 2018-02-16T07:57:55+00:00″>
Published: February 16, 2018 7:57 am

Arijit Singh’s romantic and heartbreak numbers have never failed to strike a chord with the audience. I have sung various genres so far and they have done well.”

The singer, who has sung “Aaj Se Teri” from PadMan, spoke about how he decides on his projects, “There are various reasons as to why I take a song up. I have sung love songs, fast numbers as well as dance numbers. They are simply my favorite songs that I admire a lot because they have been sung so beautifully by their respective singers. Needless to say, Arijit has become the voice of every lover. He might have sung “Phir Mohabbat” from Murder 2, “Dua” from Shanghai and “Raabta” from Agent Vinod but there was no looking back for Arijit Singh after Aashiqui 2 album came out in 2013, with “Tum Hi Ho” becoming the anthem of every romantic in the nation. There is so much of talent around us that there is always something new to learn. He mentions that he sings songs by other artistes only because he admires them, “No, not at all. When we asked what has been his most difficult song to sing, Arijit said, “Most of my songs that I began my career with were super tough mostly because back then I used to over think a lot. He said, “I want to work with all music composers that I have not worked with till now be it in India or Internationally. While we wondered if he sings these songs because he likes them or wanted to sing them personally, he says that every artist does justice to their song. When we asked if he would be fine with his song being recreated in future, Arijit laughed and said, “I don’t know how I will feel about my songs being recreated, guess we’ll eventually find out when it happens.”
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© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd People are loving it. “I don’t think so at all. For me, it doesn’t make sense to take only one or two names. But the singer quips his intention was never to gain any sorts of title for himself but to always give good music to the audience. Sometimes it’s because of the filmmaker. I am being as dynamic as possible with keeping my fans expectations in mind. We make music for people to love and as long as that music is making people happy, I see no harm,” he said. In Kolkata, I had performed some of Hemant Kumar’s songs and other contemporaries as well. There’s nothing such as wishing I had sung them instead because I genuinely believe that each singer does justice to their songs.”
As the conversation came to an end, Arijit, who has sung recreated versions of “Soch”, “Har Kisi Ko” and “Main Tenu Samjhawan” among others, shared his opinion on recreations of classics which seemed to have become a never-ending trend in Bollywood. Sometimes the story excites me and sometimes the song is something new for me to tackle as a challenge.” Arijit mentions he would never lose out on an opportunity to work with different composers as it helps him to learn and reinvent what he knows already. However, he does not believe so. In an exclusive conversation with, Arijit Singh shares his take on being synonymous with romance and heartbreak at the same time and said, “These are just stereotypical tags, this was not intentional at all. It is my intent to create great collaborations eventually.”
Today, while he might be in a situation to take the liberty to add his own style to a song, he quips how in the beginning of his career, he used to be scared to lose out on opportunities. All I wanted to do was exactly what the music director’s brief asked of me.”

The artist is gearing up to perform in Leisure Valley, Gurugram, on February 17. “I have nothing against recreated songs at all. I sing all the songs that come to me with all my heart, with equal focus and dedication.”
While his romantic and heartbreak numbers have never failed to strike a chord with the audience, his party numbers lose their steam after a while.