David Bowie – Survive


But I survive your naked eyes
But I’ll survive your naked eyes
I’ve got ears and eyes and nothing in my life
These noisy rooms and passion pants
I’ll survive

You’re the great mistake I never made
Beatle boys, all snowy white
You alone across the floor

Give me wings
My naked eyes
I’ll survive
I’ll survive
Where’s the morning in my life?
Who said time is on my side?
I should have kept you
Naked eyes
Give me money for a change of face
I’ll survive
Where’s the sense in staying right?
Give me space
I love you
I loved you
Razzle dazzle clubs every night
You and me and nothing more
Got Oh my, naked eyes
I’ll survive[x2]
I should have been a wiser kind of guy
I never lied to you, I hated when you lied
I miss you
I should have tried
Wish I’d sent a Valentine