In Memoriam: Members of the film industry pay their tributes to actor Sridevi

At Tumhari Sulu’s preview in Worli, she travelled all the way just to congratulate Vidya and wish her luck. That day, I met her for the first time and my heart actually skipped a beat. But with her not among us anymore, many of us will have that one film we will never be able to make. I was one of those fans who would grudge the ones who couldn’t appreciate her talent. -Suresh Triveni director, Tumhari Sulu
For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App However, what makes the memory special is that Sridevi not only acknowledged but also appreciated our tribute. She was the kind of actor one would give an arm and a leg to write for. It wasn’t something she needed to do,but she made the effort, and that goes to show her warmth. She was a popular culture icon and many of us used to mouth her dialogues from the films we loved. They made her character real and relatable and allowed the Sridevi fans in Vidya and me to pay an ode to her. 2018-02-26T01:36:36+00:00″>
Published: February 26, 2018 1:36 am

I belong to the generation that grew up watching a lot of movies starring Sridevi. It’s also why we didn’t remake Hawa hawai, and chose to use the original song. So while writing Tumhari Sulu, where the lead character is from my generation, I found it only natural to bring in references of Sridevi and her films. I am a fan but Sridevi’s untimely passing is a loss to me also as a filmmaker.