LOOSE LIPS: Guess which producer is upset with this newbie actress?

The producers have sounded off their displeasure to the actress’ mother.”
Well, today’s young kids don’t abide by any rules and go by what their gut says even if it may hurt someone’s feelings. However, the dynamics that exist when it’s a newbie are same especially if you feel their acting skills wow those involved in the filmmaking process. Today’s gossip is about one such newbie whose antics have pissed off the producer of her upcoming film. I will be back with loads of dope soon, until then ciao darlings! A source close to the producer told us, “She is a promising kid and obviously the producer expects her to get into a 3 movie contract with the production house. However, the producer has learnt from industry pals that she is meeting other producers and has already started looking out for her next project while her debut film is yet to wrap. That film is something that lays the groundwork for their career. We hope the young star and the producer resolve the matter before things get unpleasant. So, it’s obvious that the ones who have trusted you to be part of their film as a debutant expect more out of you not just in terms of acting but also wish that they stay more loyal with the partnership. While many enter with the hope to make it big not all turn out to be game changers. This has kind of hurt the producer who feels that she should have at least spoken to them before approaching other filmmakers and producers for her next film. So, first film or debut film is special to every actor. Related News
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Published: February 2, 2018 9:37 am

Today’s gossip is about one such newbie whose antics have pissed off the producer of her upcoming film. A healthy working relationship can only stay strong if communication between both parties is transparent. Usually, the star kids have it easier to get into the filmy solar system than an outsider.