Prithvi Vallabh actor Jitin Gulati: Started respecting contribution of women more in my life after playing king Tailap

Tailap considers his sister as his mother and in my real life, my mother and sister have played a very important part. Prithvi Vallabh is inspired from Prithivivallabh, a Gujarati fiction novel by Kanaiyalal Maneklal Munshi. The quality is maintained and the character is very good. The kind of projects that are offered to me now, I can see a definitive shift in perception.”
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After working in all mediums – films, TV and digital, will Jitin consider doing a daily soap? ”

Jitin sports two hairdos in the show, and he shares the challenges he faces in terms of costumes and attire. So it is a great preparation for me for better roles going forward. As an actor I want to be very sure of what I’m getting into. There have been cases when I’ve been into a fight sequence, into an emotional scene and my wig is getting stuck in somebody’s jewellery and the whole set is laughing while I’m crying. I ask Jitin about his experience of playing a historical character, and he said, “I’m happy that I’m put through that challenge. In past one and a half years, I’ve been fortunate to be a part of good projects which have got the right traction from media and the audiences. His relationships are very incomplete. The period drama also stars Ashish Sharma and Sonarika Bhadoria. “I’m very lucky that I got such a show which is finite. So that’s happened a lot of times. I ask him if things changed, and he said, “For the longest time I had this limbo of being a model-turned-actor. I’ve started respecting their contribution more in my life after doing this character,” he explained. Jitin Gulati is a banker-turned-model-turned-actor. Sisak went on to win innumerable awards across the globe. His quick reply comes, “I want to do finite only. Personally, I’m very stubborn about things. They’ve been successful and have been accepted critically well too,” Jitin said during an exclusive chat with My look is very different from my pervious works. Then, the costumes, the hair, war sequences, the whole aspect of doing a historical is very different. So as much as you fix your wig, it still comes off. Jitin Gulati with Sonarika Bhadoria in Prithvi Vallabh. The last time I spoke with Jitin Gulati, he was basking in the success of India’s first silent LGBTQ film Sisak, in which he played one of the leads. He is currently seen playing the challenging role of King Tailap in the latest historical drama on television – Prithvi Vallabh. (I’m avert to) Just the idea of not knowing where my character or story will go because in soaps the tracks keep changing and a lot happens based on TRPs. The show comprises of 2 seasons, with 40 episodes each. You are set-up in the 9th century. Great thing is I’ve learnt horse riding and sword fighting and Kalaripayattu for this part,” he quipped. Talking about going through a complete physical transition where he had to gain around 10 kilos, Jitin shared, “That’s the joy I get being an actor. You can manipulate Tailap. Jitin Gulati plays king Tailap in period drama Prithvi Vallabh. But, never say never!”
Prithvi Vallabh airs on Sony TV on weekends at 9.30 pm. There’s nothing contemporary about it. “Tailap is a very indecisive guy. The emotionality and physicality of this character is something I’m enjoying a lot. So I can connect to that, how a woman can help you evolve and contributes in your life. Jitin however is not similar to his character. The historical show follows the life of two kings – Prithvi Vallabh, king of Malwa, and Tailap, the neighboring king. Here, I take one and a half hours. Jitin, who was also a part of films like MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, TV show 24 season 2 and web-series Inside Edge, has taken a U-turn. People will see me in a different light now. 2018-02-24T09:45:17+00:00″>
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Jitin Gulati was last seen in web series Inside Edge. The last time we chatted, he hoped post Sisak, people would start taking him seriously as an actor. That isn’t possible in soaps. It’s a definitive choice in my career to do different roles so that I can maintain a certain interest in me as an actor over a long period of time.”
Prithvi Vallabh began airing on January 20. King Tailap is vulnerable and seeks his sister’s support at every step. Delhi boy Jitin left his banking job and began modelling until eventually he bagged roles in films. So it all sets the tone very differently. The common thing between us is our affection for our sister. “I’m wearing big wigs and I’ve to fight sitting on the horse in this Mumbai heat. Now at least people see me as an actor who can understand a character, can evolve into one and deliver. Firstly, you shoot for 12-14 hours daily. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
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