Quentin Tarantino on the Uma Thurman controversy: The choking bit for Kill Bill was her idea

I would never react to her this way,” Tarantino told Deadline about the incident. “She showed up, in a good mood. So I asked Uma. I said, I think I need to do it. I walked the road, going the opposite direction. And in walking the road, going in the other direction…I don’t know how a straight road turns into an un-straight road, but it wasn’t as straight. There is a little mini S-curve that almost seemed like it opened up to a mini fork in the road,” the director said. One, I didn’t trust Michael Madsen because, I don’t know where the spit’s going to go, if Michael Madsen does it. Talking about Uma’s equation with Weinstein, Tarantino said that he had asked the producer to apologise to the actor, and was informed by Uma that he (Weinstein) had actually asked for forgiveness. That’s a bad tactic and I’d been shooting the movie with her for an entire year by this time. He had ‘asked’ her to, and despite being a shaky driver, she had believed in the director and agreed to shoot for the scene. We did the shot. “Naturally, I did it. We even had a thing there, we were going to try and do it with a plunger and some water. Related News
Uma Thurman : Harvey Wienstein assaulted me, but that didn’t kill mePatrick Stewart open to returning as Picard in Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek movieQuentin Tarantino to direct a Star Trek film?Kill Bill star Uma Thurman created quite the uproar when she revealed that she was sexually harassed by producer Harvey Weinstein. Tarantino further said that he was the one who had given Uma the access to the tape of her crash, and that he thinks asking her to drive the car is the biggest regret of his life. It is hard to spit on people, as it turns out,” Tarantino has said of the incident. Another accusation that has come in moments following Uma’s interview about Weinstein and the Kill Bill car crash is that Tarantino had deliberately spat and choked Uma for a sequence in Kill Bill. 2018-02-06T13:30:10+00:00″>
Published: February 6, 2018 1:30 pm

Quentin Tarantino has come forward with his side of the story about the Uma Thurman controversy. And she crashed. According to the Oscar-winning director, he hadn’t forced the actor into getting the car for Kill Bill. But what perhaps was more shocking was that the actor had, more or less, levelled accusations against Kill Bill director Quentin Tarantion for making her drive a car for Kill Bill, an incident which further resulted in permanently injuring Uma. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd I’ve got to kind of commit to doing this to you. But if you add snuff juice to water, it didn’t look right. Tranatino blames his sense of misdirection and judgement for the car crash, saying that he didn’t know it wasn’t a straight road Uma was driving on. A grip? I’ll only do it twice, at the most, three times. The director told Deadline that he had asked Uma’s permission on both the accounts, and that as far as choking was concerned, it was the actor’s own idea to get the shot right. It didn’t look like spit, when it hit her when we tried that. It needed to be that mix of saliva and the brown juice. But I can’t have you laying here, getting spit on, again and again and again, because somebody else is messing it up by missing. Who else should do it? I talked to Uma and I said, look. “Anyone who knows Uma knows that going into her trailer, and screaming at her to do something is not the way to get her to do something. After the crash, when Uma went to the hospital, I was feeling in total anguish at what had happened. Now, in an-all revealing interview to Deadline, Tarantino has spilled the beans about his side of the story. At first, no one really knew what happened. It wasn’t the straight shot that it had been, going the other way.