Vicky Kaushal: Love Per Square Foot is a situational comedy

We bonded really well. He would not say cut even after the dialogue would be over because he would want us to experiment and react to the situation naturally. I was born in a chawl, 10 feet by 10 feet, in Malad. I like the thought of it. LPSF is more practical and talks about the things you see around. Some films have scope (of improvisation). The film is a contemporary love story in which the protagonists, played by Vicky and the new entrant Angira Dhar, are in search of their own house in Mumbai, and how getting married could make their dreams come true. I have shot with Karan Johar (Bombay Talkies 2), Rajkumar Hirani (Dutt Biopic) and Meghna Gulzar (Raazi). (Picture credit: Mark Bennington)
Even though Vicky Kaushal is just four films old, he has been able to make a mark in Bollywood. Love Per Square Foot is going to be Vicky’s first film in 2018. In an exclusive conversation with, Vicky opens up on how it was different to play Sanjay Chaturvedi in Love Per Square Foot. With such a great ensemble cast, it was amazing to work on the film be it Pathak sisters, Raghubir Yadav or my co-star and newbie Angira Dhar. It is all about the moment and how you have grip of the moment. I have learnt a lot on the sets and I thank Anand Tiwari, who himself is a fantastic actor, which worked as a boon for me. It is very old school way of getting into a relationship, even if it is a love at first sight. Vicky said, “I don’t believe in relationship of convenience, personally. The actor rose to fame with his character in Masaan. In the film, the director chose to show this scene only. The fact is to trigger myself for the scene, I had taken help of alcohol. But I feel it always work as a strength to have a companion in life who you can depend on. It was quite a new process of learning for me. He wants to be able to live on film sets forever. A still from Love Per Square Foot. Comedy is difficult to do. He is the director of the future. That I have seen.”
But Vicky’s dream is different. I have seen people who come to Mumbai with big dreams, one of them being a house of their own. Despite being a newbie in a film that had a stellar star cast, Vicky was able to grab eyeballs. I believe in becoming friends first and in knowing each other. My beautiful moments are between action and cut. He guided me quite well. “Everybody is saying that they are loving to see me in such a light-hearted role,” said Vicky. He said, “Every film has its own demand. Relationship of convenience has never happened to me, so I cannot talk much about it. 2018-01-31T07:05:33+00:00″>
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Vicky Kaushal plays the character of Sanjay Chaturvedi in Love Per Square Foot. I am just 29 after all and have a career to make. “2017 has been a very good year. “My dream is to always live on film sets. I have shot for many films and all of these would be releasing this year. The characters in LPSF are street smart, knows the ways to get a job done while Masaan had a poetic pace, language and romance. Jab Shaadi karunga tab ek aur interview karunga and I will tell you if marriage is La La Land,” said Vicky. But I would like to share my father’s journey. Also, on sets of Manmarziyan for now, which is directed by Anurag Kashyap. “Well, I have asked my parents for 3-4 years. While one aspect of the film is romance and all that jazz, other aspect explores the life in Mumbai. That entire scene was not in the film. I see people struggle to find place in every 11th month. Masaan ki khoobsurat baat yeh hai ki humne pyaar me padna dekha. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd In the film, we have explored both – negative and positive side – of being in such a relationship.”
So you believe in Karan Johar’s idea of romance – Pyaar dosti hai? Now, when the scene was being shot, I was over with my dialogues but I noticed that a train was passing by on the pull nearby, which made me recall girlfriend’s poem “Tu kisi rail se guzarti hai main kisi pull sa thartharata hoon” and other sweet things that she said, which naturally made me cry, how and when it happened, even I did not realise. It also depends on direction. Laddu abhi khaya nahi phir bhi laddu toh laddu hi lagega. I am an introvert, not that much now after getting into acting, but in a relationship sense. Love Per Square Foot is a situational comedy. It shows how couples take to the city in order to spend some personal time in Nariman Point, Marine Drive and so on.”
With such different film experiences, it is natural to improvise during the shoot. For Masaan, I was not familiar with that kind of world it was based in while in Love Per Sqaure Foot, I was living in the same world. His parents would always force him to get married and his answer would be – let me buy a house. I have learnt a lot from these ace directors,” quipped the Maasan actor. Another aspect of Love Per Square Foot is marriage, so has Vicky thought of settling down anytime soon? On being asked how Mumbai has treated him, Vicky Kaushal quipped, “I am lucky that I was born and brought up in Mumbai. There’s a scene in the film where I cry after my girlfriend dies. Neeraj Ghaywan would give us space to perform. “Arre, totally. But I feel very positive about the institution of marriage. So, the team pushed me to do well and of course, the director brought the best out of me. And now, I am surprised looking at him in an extremely light-hearted role in Netflix’s upcoming Hindi feature film, Love Per Square Foot. Masaan had more moments to improvise because it was more about expression and not dialogue. Otherwise you experience love stories which show story after the protagonists fall in love. Everything is so measured that rarely you would get a scope to improvise but nothing more because you can spoil the scene by overacting or underacting in this genre.”
A still from Love Per Square Foot. The actor averred, “Both the films had their own complications and charm. And then we moved to a 1bhk, 2bhk, 4bhk and now, on a 28th floor flat from where I can see all the places I have ever lived in. He continues, “The light-hearted role wasn’t a cake walk. Vicky continues, “I was supposed to be drunk and after some dialogues, the scene was supposed to be cut. Masaan was a love story too but extremely different to Love Per Square Foot. I wasn’t supposed to cry or be with friends, nothing at all. So, I see his journey and hard work. As we start conversing about the film, he told me how he can never be in a relationship of convenience like his character from Love Per Square Foot. It is a different rush and there is no better feeling that that,” remarked Vicky. My father came to Mumbai in 1978. He was my reference point for the character. However, Vicky admits while Masaan had more situations to improvise, it wasn’t the case with Love Per Square Foot. So, how did he treat both the films? It was a journey similar to how food gets cooked. So, I guess having your own house is also a huge dream here. My sense of humour has become better.”
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Produced by Bollywood veteran Ronnie Screwvala’s new production company RSVP, Love Per Square Foot would release this Valentine Day. Maybe old school than Karan Johar too,” he quipped. He is too good He has an amazing comic timing. The actor has been quite busy with multiple projects that would release this year. Soon, we shifted to another chawl, which was bigger. But as they say, ‘Ladka ladki kabhi dost nahi reh sakte’, the relationship of convenience soon turns into love and gives birth to many complexities. His intense performance in Anurag Kashyap’s 2016 directorial Raman Raghav 2.0 had left me impressed.