When Aiyaary actor Manoj Bajpayee donned the uniform for Shool

Manoj Bajpayee, like he always has, delivers. The monolgue in itself is average, where the actor is supposed to have an angry and passionate go at the system and everything that is wrong with it. As a consequence, Singh loses his wife and daughter. Singh storms into the venue where Shilpa Shetty is moving to the film’s dance number “Main Aayi Hoon UP Bihar Lootne” and demands that the blaring speakers be shut as the noise is disturbing the entire neighbourhood. And Inspector Singh’s biggest strength (and his biggest failing) is revealed when he puts to an end a celebration of antagonist Bacchu Yadav’s marriage anniversary. This is not the first time Manoj will be seen in the uniform. 2018-02-16T09:08:36+00:00″>
Updated: February 16, 2018 9:08 am

Manoj Bajpayee had starred in the 1999 cop drama as a righteous Inspector. Shool had won the National Award for Best Picture, and RGV (who has completely lost touch now) had written and produced the cop drama. Inspector Singh (Manoj) cannot take things lying down, and he cannot compromise on his principles. They die on him, their blood on his hands. Not an army officer, but the actor had played an inspector in the 1999 Ram Gopal Verma movie Shool. Sayaji Shinde as Bacchu Yadav also puts up a solid act as the crooked and scheming politician, but it’s Manoj’s performance as the fair police officer that escalates the movie. Eeshwar Nivas’ direction is decent, and the script, okay, but it could have gone down the hill had Manoj Bajpayee not been there. He is a cop who is beaten and tested by everyone around him as he tries to do his job. A common enough premise, but Manoj, not unlike Inspector Singh, does his work faithfully. The dialogues of Shool were penned by the Gangs of Wasseypur director Anurag Kashyap. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd Inspector Singh does what he does despite noticing that his senior has been invited to the event, and is himself taking no steps to take control of the situation as an officer of the law. Shool treads the thin line between melodramatic and mellow. There was drama, yes, but it was handled gently, with care. Manoj Bajpayee shines as he beat people, said righteous things, and expressed his discontentment with the government and its people. One of the most dramatic moments of the movie is the scene towards its conclusion, where Manoj’s character Samar Pratap Singh takes the law in his own hands and shoots corrupt politician Bacchu Yadav (played by Sayaji Shinde). The Neeraj Pandey movie is the story of an ex-army officer (Sidharth) who plans to oust one of the country’s best kept secrets while his former mentor (Manoj) is out to stop him. Manoj Bajpayee and Sidharth Malhotra starrer Aiyaary hits the screens today. In fact, Singh ignores his senior’s order when the latter asks him to take it easy. However, lines like “Kuch khatarnak ho raha hai yaha par” (A dangerous thing is taking place here) and “Hum kuch nahi hain” (I am nothing) were delivered with such helplessness and a sense of justice by Manoj that, when you watch the scene, you cannot help but feel the pain of Inspector Singh. In the movie, Inspector Singh is a man of faith and law, who says, does, and believes in only the right things. Manoj Bajpayee’s character delivers a four-minute monologue before taking the gun to Sayaji Shinde’s character Bacchu Yadav.