I’m totally indisciplined, says Aamir Khan

“Nothing else distracts me from that. The only thing is work that pulls me back to track and makes me do what I have to do.”

Aamir, who was the voice of Pluto the dog in Bollywood film Dil Dhadakne Do, admits there’s a lot people can learn from pets. Sometimes I multitask when I need to, but I don’t enjoy that,” he added. The actor-producer on Monday launched his friend and filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani’s pilot wife-turned-author Manjeet Hirani’s book titled How To Be Human here. I don’t think of the future. “The only reason I am disciplined is because my work requires me to be so. In the book, Manjeet has mentioned how her pet dog Buddy Hirani is very disciplined when it comes to his diet. They are judgmental about their survival… Like if a deer is walking in Forest, he would be judgmental towards a tiger thinking ‘He will eat me’, whereas we are judgmental on so many levels all the time.”
Aamir also said he rarely thinks beyond the present. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd “I live in the now and I never have long-term plans. Otherwise, I am not disciplined. The only thing that gets me to be disciplined is my work so if I was not an actor and not in this field, I would have been the most indisciplined person. So, for me, it comes naturally. 2018-03-06T16:56:20+00:00″>
Published: March 6, 2018 4:56 pm

Aamir Khan will be next seen in Thugs of Hindostan. “We are very judgmental on many things and for many reasons which you don’t need to be. I know it’s very hard for people to imagine that… But this is the fact and people who are close to me know that and they know how indisciplined I am. Whereas, an animal is also judgmental but on a very few things. The book talks about how people can learn from animals around them. I am totally indisciplined. Whatever I am doing at time, I am fully into that. It’s always about what I am to do right now.”
“I have also realised that no matter what I am doing right now, my entire focus is on that one thing — whether it is eating, meeting somebody, watching a film, shooting a film or a discussion with someone. Related News
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