Item songs show women surrendering to male gaze: Shabana Azmi

This is not the first time that the actor has criticised item songs. “If the director had decided to go overboard with the shot, it would be objectification. “But under the pretence of ‘celebrating your sensuality’ what you are actually doing is surrendering to the male gaze and objectifying yourselves because the business of cinema is of images,” said Azmi. The actor, known to be opinionated on the depiction of women on screen and treatment meted out to female artistes in the film industry, said a director’s perspective matters the most when it comes to showing a woman’s sexuality on camera. “Please be informed, when you say ‘Main tandoori murgi hu, gatka lo mujhe alcohol kay saath’, and a four-year-old girl is dancing on it, you are leading to the sexualisation of children and the parents who are enjoying it. At a panel discussion two years ago, the actor came down heavily on these song sequences, particularly the Kareena Kapoor number “Fevicol Se” from Dabangg 2. Today at the Ficci Frames 2018 during a session titled “Against All Odds: Women leaders revisit their journey”, the actor once again expressed her opinion on item songs as the moderator put an argument that many female actors call dancing to such numbers a matter of choice. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
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“In Zoya’s film (Zoya Akhtar) Zindagi Na Milega Dobara, Katrina Kaif comes out of the water in a bikini, the camera doesn’t go close to her. People who are encouraging her are just as responsible,” the actor said. 2018-03-05T17:26:50+00:00″>
Published: March 5, 2018 5:26 pm

At the Ficci Frames 2018 during a session titled “Against All Odds: Women leaders revisit their journey”, Shabana Azmi once again expressed her opinion on item songs. Concluding her response with another harsh remark on the song “Fevicol Se”, Azmi said that one of the worst effects of such songs is sexualisation of children. “I have strong views on item numbers because they are not part of the narrative and they’ve been put in a film for the only purpose of titillation and nothing else. It doesn’t linger on her bosom or the droplets falling. There’s a difference between sensuality and objectification,” the veteran added.