Molly Brazy – Molly’s Story

"Fuck you nigga, pay me!"
These bitches drooling, and I’m out here sitting loogy
Gotta stay focused on the end result, don’t ever lose your mind

In a world where our skeletons entertain the mass
Got money stacked to the ceiling, still screaming
Where people have opinions but don’t know the half
Who would have thought toy gun a make the world go crazy?
But I keep moving, I’m built different
No father figure in my life, I still beat the odds
But it’s Brazy, I’m eighteen and I’m gravy
Molly World still the same, yeah
This beef shit is like rabies, hoes foaming out they mouth lately
Don’t know the pressure of fame
Chase your dream at full speed, even though shit gets hard
I see that Draco, it remind to shoot for the stars
Can’t nobody stop you
I’m just a voice for a young girl from them trenches, God

[Verse 2]
I switched leagues
You know you gotta beat the odds
You gotta beat the odds, you gotta beat the odds
That simple shit, I didn’t take it personal, I got patience
You gotta beat the odds, you gotta beat the odds
Sometimes you gotta point, aim, and shoot to change things
‘Cause my old team was toxic
I came from being lost, success was a mirage
[Verse 1]
You know you gotta stand tall
Plus a bitch got paper, yeah, I swear my life a fucking movie
Can’t nobody stop you
You know you gotta beat the odds
But this street shit run through my veins
Can’t nobody stop you
I guess it’s apart of the game
You see that Draco with me, and you think a murder charge
Well fuck ’em, they can leave out the door that they came
They should show they gratitude, ’cause a young bitch done made it
Close my eyes, and I relapse
Upgraded my situation, don’t mean I don’t go through pain
System designed to lock us up, take our chance to shine
Trap life at the same scheme, Baking soda and a triple beam
When bitches from your city talking filthy, they greasy
Can’t nobody stop you
On live, spending time with my baby
No fuck shit can stop me
When millions of people mention your name
You know you gotta stand tall
How you wait for the sun, but ain’t been through the rain
How the fuck we from the same city, and sis still hating?
Memories of things, I never ever had
Sometimes I look back, and some shit I can’t believe
I been trying to dodge the block, like a post move
Every hood the same thing, feds lurking at the same scene
We was family, now a bitch can’t even her IG
They wanna run you out of your lane
Where nobody really knows what you go through

That ivy
You can make it out your city, ya
You know you gotta beat the odds
You can make it out your city, ya

You know you gotta beat the odds
In a world where niggas do not respect the queen