Oscars 2018 | Richard Jenkins in The Shape of Water: The lonely scene-stealer

Guillermo del Toro’s movie is a fairy tale for adults, where there’s gore and sex involved. But she also leaves him for the mythical being. He is Elisa’s confidant, friend, and family. We see him struggle to get his job back, and despite his better judgment, he chooses to be a good friend to Elisa, and help her rescue the creature at a personal risk. And when you watch Jenkins on screen, you realise that despite cutting such a lonely figure in an already dark world, Giles has an exuberance about him which makes you really feel for the guy. It limits her expression. 2018-03-01T15:01:51+00:00″>
Published: March 1, 2018 3:01 pm

Richard Jenkins plays a gay illustrator in The Shape of Water
Set in 1962, against the backdrop of Cold War in America, Oscar-nominated The Shape of Water is a fairy tale with dark overtones. It is the 1960s after all. “I just think this is such a great arc this guy has”, Jenkins had said in an interview with the Vanity Fair. Even the bad guy, Colonel Richard Strickland (Michael Shannon) had a wife and a child who cared about his happiness. I had such fun doing it”. Elisa cannot because she’s unable to put into words what she actually feels. But Giles strives. Richard Jenkins plays Giles with care, handling the character like a butterfly, letting Giles dream, fly. You know you have got a friend for life when he/she is willing to do anything, not just to save you, but to save the love of your life. He never had anyone, except maybe Elisa. They both share a great rapport with each other. But what is one of the most saddening things about The Shape of Water is that even after getting shot, Elisa reunites with the love of her life, Elisa’s friend and co-worker Zelda Delilah Fuller (played by Octavia Spencer) has her terrified husband at home to go back to. The main plotline revolves around Elisa Esposito (portrayed by Sally Hawkins) and her daily struggles, until she chances upon a creature. It is because Jenkins didn’t take the character too seriously that he managed to have fun with it. Giles is an advertisement illustrator, who also happens to be a closeted homosexual. And Giles cannot talk about his personal life without attracting unwarranted attention. But Giles is the only one who is left all by himself in the end. The two, despite not being able to communicate in the usual way (as Elisa is mute, and the creature cannot speak or really understand human behaviour in general), form a deep connection. But before the creature, there was Giles (played brilliantly by Richard Jenkins), Elisa’s next-door neighbour. To live and wish for a better day. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
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© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd And this is especially visible in the scene when Giles attempts to make a move on his crush, and his hopes die a bitter death, as the center of his affections not only harshly rejects his overtures but asks him to never show his face to him again. One of the primary things that perhaps brings them closer together is that they both cannot, as much as they try, express love with absolute freedom and abandonment. “The truth is, I loved the whole thing, even those scenes where I’m just watching TV with Sally.