Sherlock Holmes 3 is still happening: Robert Downey Jr

Then there’s all this stuff down the pike. The first film was a huge success for the studio Warner Bros and a sequel was quickly commissioned and it also became a hit. I’m having a good time, though I decided to give myself, like, 40 additional challenges, like a Welsh accent — which even Welsh people say is hard to do. I still want to do Pinocchio.”
While the first film found Sherlock and John battling it out against Mark Strong’s noble serial killer Lord Henry Blackwood, it was the second film which featured Sherlock’s archvillain Professor James Moriarty, played by Jared Harris. Related News
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Published: March 10, 2018 3:29 pm

The first two Sherlock Holmes directed by Guy Ritchie were huge successes. We’re looking at another Sherlock Holmes, we’re developing Perry Mason for HBO. For 7 years now, there has been no solid news of the third iteration, but it turns out that it is still happening, as Robert Downey Jr revealed in an interview to the Entertainment Weekly magazine. Sherlock Holmes is the most portrayed literary character ever and has seen numerous adaptations over the decades. Directed by Guy Ritchie, Sherlock Holmes franchise has two movies – Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows – that star Downey Jr as the titular detective and Jude Law as his companion Dr John Watson. As he was asked what is next for him, Downey Jr said, “First of all the missus is front and center with Joe Roth producing Doolittle.