Yo Gotti – Customs

I just got back from Dubai, they really fuckin’ with the trap
I got a black card, but I keep a hundred grand
[Verse 3]
Ayy, Zay, I’ve been takin’ this shit all out the country, ya heard me?
Young rich prince nigga, from sellin’ yay (M)
Don’t make me fuck your bitch and take that ho to Cannes with me (your broad)
Yeah, at the top of [?] right now
Your lil’ nigga’s vision small, his OG’s were lyin’ (facts)
Our zip code
I got Euros, I got Pounds, I’m a foreign hustler (I am)
Yeah, uh
I’ve been all around the world tryna put us on the map
This shit you fuck with to trap (trap), but end up abusin’
Yeah, yeah, too many questions when I come back from a medical
First London, then Dubai, then I went to France (France)
You tryna buy a watch (watch), I’m tryna buy the block (yup)
When blogs mention you sayin’ that Gotti into you (huh?)

>What’d he say?

[Verse 1]
Ayy, they really fuck with us, like, in other countries and shit
I don’t do no misdemeanors, my shit Federal (Federal)
They like the way we talk and shit
Yeah, you were raised to fail (fail), free Meek from jail (free my nigga)
Youngsta ’bout to drop (drop), I’m ridin’ in a drop (top)
My lil’ nigga got a liger, tiger mixed with lion (facts)
It was my birthday, your birthday, we went up, yeah (facts)
I got that medical (woo)
In a rubber band in honor of the dopeman
Took you to different temperatures, yeah I like every inch of you (facts)
I said, "I know I ain’t"
Growin’ up we never thought like we could really leave the hood, like
The streets gon’ hold you down, my nigga, you bound to prevail (facts)
Lookin’ down on you niggas, literally
Life good, nigga, brand strong, price high
I like beaches, but I still bring the sand with me (with me)
Middle of the desert, shit feel like my hood (dry)
I went to Paris, took a cool $300 grand with me (yeah)
The only thing I hate about it’s when I go through customs (damn)
Jimmy Henchman sent that shit through Interscope
International Gotti (Gotti), like my hoes exotic (‘xotic)
Look Yeah, yeah, they fuck with dopeboys all over the country, ya heard me?
He said, "You ain’t like them other niggas who rap"
Ayy you know what I’m sayin’, like
When the plug ain’t come, no insufficient funds (high)

Look at your life, nigga, money down, lights high (damn)
Went and got a passport in case I catch a body (body)
Were stayin’ at the Versace and shit (facts)
Seen the Coast Guard, threw it over, and let it float (float)
No winter, I’m talkin’ hella dope (hella dope)
Tony Montana put it on a banana boat (boat)
I just got back from U.K., I asked that nigga for a strap

Took a trip to Medellín, that shit was hella snow
Everything illusion, uh, don’t get confused with (yeah)
I’m just wanted, nigga, CM10 on the way
I just went to Film Festival, took my mans, free my dawg

I’ve been all around the world tryna put us on the map

Ayy, last time we were over here, I think me, you and Cardi B (facts)
[Verse 2]
I want a Chinese bitch, I may go to Japan