Amery Rey Tuesta – The Junkie lyrics

If you call me Junkie
I will call you crap
You always lie in that way
That everyone catches up

Breadcrumbs is in the grass
But nod birds
There is around to eat those traces
Of kindness

Now those birds gonna be send out
From the nest
That their ancestors have

You look to the west
And you feel so sad
Because the greenness is going away
From your realm

You call me junkie for
Destroy my life
I call you bastards for
Destroy this planet

I don’t know what is worse here
My polluted body, or your polluted

Nobody likes me
For who I am
What I have become
It wasn’t
My choice

It wasn’t the world that made me like this
It was the people who lived
Around me

I never got in my life
A good man to follow
The only thing I saw
All the time was
Swindles between
Each other

Be a Junkie is my faster way
To unchain my life
From all this crap