Androcles – Sycamore lyrics

I’m no good at documenting life without embellishment;
Can’t turn thoughts into a song if no one cares what it all meant. Birds and leaves are all the same, with only one change:
Birds can make the choice to fly against the breeze with which the leaves remain. Can’t find footing for a start. Does the sycamore by the pond still stand? I’ll look anywhere to find that which seems to make me lose my mind. The scent of autumn nights, when the leaves can’t quite
Decide if they are red or green, or something in between. Is anybody listening?) x5

Does the sycamore by the pond still stand? Minutes blur to hours blur to days. Weekends that I don’t remember, ties I never had to had to sever. Could a rose by any other name sound as sweet when coupled with the blame? Over fields the sun is trying hard to show that it’s still shining,
But I haven’t felt it on my skin. I got up and fell back down again. Conscious, yes but more than that, I’m dazed. Pillars rise of smoke and ash, brazenly against the clash
All self-interest, no self-worth, could time away be any worse to me? Does the sycamore by the pond still stand? Does the sycamore by the pond still stand? When did this become so hard? Seasons pass, I’m left to watch the haze. Underneath, the leaves have fallen; gone are both the sun and pollen
Flowers wilt and die to show the transformation: forward, slowly. Stagnancy is more than just a friend. (Can anybody hear me?