Dhan Dhana Dhan first impression: The Sunil Grover show has the right dose of laughter but cricket fans would be left disappointed

Also, with the show being telecast live, full marks to all of them for their flawless act. The one-of a-kind series that promises to showcase the marriage of comedy and cricket has been receiving a positive response from fans and we too were excited to see what’s in store in for us. DhanDhanaDhan Sunil Shilpa pic.twitter.com/DegBvslIIk
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Soon, Samir Kochhar came on stage and introduced this unique wrap around show and called upon his childhood hero, the iconic Kapil Dev on stage. The two discussed the teams for a few minutes before Samir called up LBW on stage. Samir too seemed to have felt that, as he looked in a hurry to send off Sunil and Shilpa during one of the segments. Some of the punch lines like Shilpa asking Samir where he stays otherwise, as he is only visible during cricket season, is the work of some smart writers. Stay tuned for updates on Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Live. When You want to watch Cricket but Your wife wants to see Naagin
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And lastly, the audience wouldn’t know when the show starts streaming and you need to be on the app throughout waiting for it to begin. It was a cringe worthy moment when Shilpa in her disbelief asked Kapil, “Can I touch you?” and he promptly replied, “Where”. Sunil doubled up as Professor LBW (Launda Bhantinde Wala) along with the Big B act and Shilpa came on stage as his Googly, who did not want to leave a chance to flirt with the fake Amitabh. The show started streaming at 7:30 pm on the Jio app and Sunil Grover, dressed as ‘nakli’ Amitabh Bachchan, welcomed us with his ‘deviyon aur sajjano’. And as you wait, you are treated to old footage that will soon get you bored and irritated. While we love Sunil when he makes us laugh, you feel like shutting him off when he passes lame comments during the post innings segment. But instead of KBC, he informed the audience that he is on the hunt to find a die-hard cricket follower. How Many RTs For This Jodi..!! For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
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Coming to good parts, the gag in the un-dressing room with Sunil enacting Navjot Singh Sidhu and Suresh Menon as Dhoni left us in splits. There is no iota of doubt that Sunil is one of the most talented comic stars in the industry, who can easily take up any avatar and add his own charm to it. Being a follower and lover of the game, we wish it got more importance in the show. Here’s the team that will change the way cricket is viewed. What followed was a nightmare for any cricket fan, as Kapil looked visibly uncomfortable trying to match up to Sunil’s wit or endure Shilpa flirting with him. Also, Ali Asgar desperately needs to come out from his done and dusted woman avatars. Sugandha aces the mimic section and we hope the makers give her more substance than just the giddy-headed cheerleader Annabella. Related News
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Sunil Grover and Shilpa Shinde’s web show Dhan Dhana Dhan live streams on Jio app. Soon the team got together for a round of ISL (Indian Shayari League), which was funny in parts but overall seemed quite forced. DhanDhanaDhan Sunil Shilpa pic.twitter.com/Qu5O8qFjaC
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As far as disappointments, the foremost complaint we have is the lack of cricket talk. One can watch it to enjoy the light-hearted comedy but do not expect too much of cricket from this show, and yes, be prepared to be shocked by Kapil’s antics. As contestants, we had Sugandha Mishra dressed as Lata Mangeshkar, who wanted her ‘hissa’ in the game, Ali Asgar as ‘Thakur’, who was left to play the fastest finger round with his leg, since he has no hands. No, Kapil, please don’t do this! Post the match, Shilpa, Suresh and Paresh showcased a small gag to pep up the mood. It looks repetitive, and doesn’t even make you smile, leave aside laugh now. The initial jokes seemed quite funny, with gags and mimicry taking charge. Getting to see Shilpa once again indulging in comedy post Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain is a treat to watch and we love her new glam avatar. While people who love being on the Jio app would enjoy these intezaar, we feel it might work better when it starts airing on Colors as a concrete show. Also present was an actor dressed as Kattapa, who shared that he has been promoting the platform having used the dialogue ‘Jiyo Baahubali’ for so long. Let’s Start Guys.