Gurdeep Kohli: Taking up responsibilities and communicating with your partner are the secrets to a happy marriage

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With Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai, I am starting my second innings: Gurdeep KohliActors Gurdeep Kohli, Mihir Mishra remember their ‘Sanjivani’ co-star Sanjit BediShooting death sequence emotionally draining: Gurdeep KohliMuch has been written and said about Ronit Roy and Mona Singh’s scintillating chemistry in ALTBalaji’s Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain, but shining in her own space is Gurdeep Kohli. You should take time to speak your heart out with your partner to avoid any kind of miscommunication. And honestly, it’s not an uncommon occurrence in today’s life.”

Gurdeep Kohli has no qualms in playing mother to two grown up kids as she added, “I have a lot of body of work behind and experience which would never hinder my thoughts of playing a mother on-screen, Yes, I wouldn’t be okay playing a prop mother but when she is so pivotal to the storyline and has an author-backed role, then why not? Talking further about the concept, the actor shared, “There’s no specific reason why Rohit (Ronit) falls out of love. I have issues with my mom also. There have been times when he is working and I am sitting at home, and vice-versa. While the story and the platform were the primary reasons for taking up the show for Gurdeep, we asked her if she was apprehensive to be looked upon as the second fiddle in a love story. Playing Poonam, the actor has beautifully presented the pain of a woman being stranded by her husband and the strength and grit that proves she is much more than being just a wronged wife. He has had a beautiful marriage but as mid-life crisis hits him, he becomes selfish and wants to live only for himself, not giving a thought that it will break his home and family. But you need to sit across and talk it out. But with such seasoned performers, you are always on your toes and it makes work exciting. There are times when people marry not for love but for just making a family. I think I have got the best of both worlds. The lady is full of substance and the entire story revolves around her. I have a beautiful home with a loving husband and two lovely kids. This is my second innings and it looks good. I am hoping that some great work comes my way.”

Lastly, when asked about her career, Gurdeep Kohli, with her charming smile, quipped, “I just fold my hands, and say thank you to God. Producers still call me for substantial roles and the audience also likes my work. “It was made clear to me that it’s not a second fiddle, I don’t get calls for that (smiles). Recently, we got an opportunity to meet the actor and talk about her show, complexities of relationships and her career. Saying that the secret to a happy marriage is taking up responsibilities and communicating with your partner, Gurdeep quipped, “Every relationship goes through ups-and-downs. I am happy to be associated with this series as we have been able to project real emotions,” Gurdeep Kohli shared in an exclusive interaction with 2018-04-06T14:12:24+05:30″>
Published: April 6, 2018 2:12:24 pm

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain actor Gurdeep Kohli has no qualms in playing mother to two grown up kids. My sabbatical is finally over as now my kids are old enough that I can leave them home with their nannies. But we don’t let it get into our lives.”

Gurdeep has successful shows like Sinndoor Tere Naam Ka, Kasamh Se, Best of Luck Nikki, Sethji among more to her credit, and when asked about her comeback to the small screen, she said, “There are things that you will hear soon and I am also looking at films now. I faced the camera after a long time and working with Ronit was amazing.”
Gurdeep Kohli, who made her debut with Sanjivani, married her co-star Arjun Punj in 2006. So, I have nothing but gratitude for everything I have got.”
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© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd Also taking up responsibilities and sharing it is equally important. They have two children and have been always looked up as a successful couple in the television industry. It’s a love story of a man who has gone out of marriage and how the repercussions have to be dealt with the wife. On television, you have to sometime deal with really novice actors and that completely kills the scene and is really taxing. Also, I am a mother in real life, so I am comfortable with the emotions required.”
The 38-year-old actor has been lucky to work with the biggest faces from Ronit to Ram Kapoor and sharing her experience of working with them, she quipped, “They are such great actors!