Heading to the OneRepublic concert tonight? Here are five tracks by the band you should hear

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The American band OneRepublic is currently in Mumbai for their Asia tour. All the Right Moves

The band is a gold mine for Karaoke nights. There has been no looking back for the musicians since then. Sample this:
Tell me what you want to hear
Something that will light those ears
Sick of all the insincere
I’m gonna give all my secrets away
This time, don’t need another perfect lie
Don’t care if critics ever jump in line
I’m gonna give all my secrets away
Good, isn’t it? You might not have known then it’s Counting Stars by OneRepublic. I Lived

OneRepublic knows how to get across the message of hope and love without sounding preachy. The mega-hit track even earned the band its first Grammy nomination and ruled the charts for quite a while in 16 countries. It’s a great song too. The band will be performing some of their greatest hits in Mumbai on Saturday (April 21). The lyrics are meaningful, and it’s the perfect song for a Karaoke night. A year later, in 2007, OneRepublic recorded its first studio album Dreaming Out Loud and its lead single “Apologize” was remixed by record-producer and artist Timbaland. The band became a sensation when their first single track “Apologize” went on to scale the charts on Myspace. Secrets

“Secrets” is one of those songs from the band that find its strength in its lyrics. Till date, OneRepublic has sold over 50 million records worldwide. OneRepublic hails from Colorado and first received its major breakthrough on Myspace. “I Lived” is one such track, and to top it all, it’s catchy. The band consists of lead vocalist Ryan Tedder, guitarist Zach Filkins, Drew Brown (guitarist), bassist and cellist Brent Kutzle and Eddie Fisher (drummer). Apologize

We have to start with “Apologize” as that’s the song that made the band so popular in the first place. The beat gets to you. Now, that’s what you call ‘winning at life.’
In case, you are unfamiliar with their music, here are some of their top-charting favourites to get you started. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
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Counting Stars

Everyone has heard of “Counting Stars.” On a friend’s playlist, at a restaurant or a pub, a disco night. OneRepublic is also one of those bands that achieved its first big break via social media.