It: Chapter 2 to begin filming this summer in Toronto

Pennywise is active in the fictional town of Derry once every 27 years when it hunts children and feeds on their fear. The shooting, reports IndieWire, of It: Chapter 2 is set to begin this summer in Toronto. The second film will pick up the story from here and will begin when the children are all grown-up and return to Derry, having left the town. It is about an entity called It, which existed before the creation of the universe. Andy Muschietti, who directed the first film, will return to direct the sequel, which is slated to be released on September 6, 2019. Variety reports that McAvoy is in talks to play the role of Bill Denbrough, the leader of the group, and who was played by Jaeden Lieberher in the first film and Hader is in talks to play the role of Richie, which was essayed by Finn Wolfhard in the first film. Losers Club, a group of bullied children, who also happen to be the heroes of the story, confront him, defeat him and send him back into hibernation. Bill Skarsgård will return to play the title role of It. It is based on the horror novel by Stephen King. Related News
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© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd Naturally, a sequel was on the cards. Jessica Chastain was confirmed to star as Beverly Marsh, the only girl in Losers Club. Other casting choices are yet to be confirmed but rumours say Bill Hader and James McAvoy may appear in the film as the grown-up versions of two of the children. It appears in the form of a clown called Pennywise the Dancing Clown. His performance as the terrifying Pennywise was appreciated all around, so this must have been a no-brainer for Warner Bros. It also received positive reviews, with an 87% score at Rotten Tomatoes. 2018-04-13T15:36:43+05:30″>
Published: April 13, 2018 3:36:43 pm

It: Chapter 2 will release on September 6, 2019. Chastain has worked with Andy Muschietti before in 2013 film Mama.