Javed Akhtar distributes Rs 13 crore worth TV synchronisation royalty to musicians

“There have been fraudulent dealings in the name of IPRS. But we don’t want to directly go to court or file case. In 2012, we negotiated till 2018. Some of them even filed official complaints, most noted among them is singer Shubha Mudgal, who filed an FIR against IPRS, PPL in 2010 citing the same reason. Now royalty permission is online. Interacting with the mediapersons at the event, Akhtar said, “This collective amount is by these companies for the last six years. We have to improve the royalty collection. Members with less than 10 songs will get Rs 10,000. We will meet them. Members with more than 10 songs will get Rs 53,000 equally.”
Akhtar also mentioned IPRS is in talks with a few companies like YRF Music and T-Series, which are yet to associate with the royalty collection body. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd These are big companies and we are in talks. These artistes have complained time and again that they did not receive their due royalties from music companies. Now, we have distributed this Rs 13 crore among our members. I don’t think there will be any bitterness,” he said. Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS), the 48-year-old copyright royalty collection body, is an officially registered copyright society for musical works and associated literary works in India. “There are some companies who haven’t joined us, they will soon. There was a struggle, music companies pitched in, we did too and the law was such that we were secure. These musicians, who have received the royalty, are members of IPRS, and the amount is paid to them by Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) on behalf of Saregama, Sony Music, Tips, Universal Music, Venus and Aditya Music. It happened with the right spirit,” Akhtar said. It is the law of the country and they will have to abide. We want to improve this system. Permission given on net and transaction on net too. They are big people, good people. T Series, YRF are not part of IPRS and we are talking to them. Sometimes, they don’t pay and at times people dupe others by claiming they are from IPRS. It isn’t a mechanical royalty, which comes during radio or streaming (platforms), but a ‘synchronisation’ royalty you get when your film’s songs are used in ads, videos or other films. The writer said eventually these companies will have to join IPRS because the law says so. Related News
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Published: April 23, 2018 5:56:57 pm

Javed Akhtar is the chairperson of Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS). “File an application with details of the programme. Akhtar said Indian musicians, whose work travel across the world, deserve to be treated better.