Pankaj Tripathi: The industry’s perception has changed towards me

I am a son of a farmer. I just need good scripts, good films and I am glad I am doing them,” he says. I was never disappointed, never thought of giving up even once.”
The actor further says that even though it took him nearly 13-14 years to reach where he is today, he is happy that people have acknowledged his work. I am basically a traveller, I love it the most,” he says. “Fame is nice but it is also an illusion. The same mindset, coupled with patience, kept him going in the initial years of his career when he had to make peace with minuscule roles in films. More scripts, however, also mean he has to turn down a lot of offers, which he feels is difficult to do. I have now been offered 30-35 scripts, every second director wants to work with me. I try and tell them politely that I just can’t do it.”
Looking back at his work, it may appear that acting is all that he intends to do, but for Tripathi it is not the only driving force of his life. In an interview with PTI, Tripathi spoke about new-found fame, how the success changed the outlook of industry people towards him, the increasing number of offers and his priorities in life. Related News
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Published: April 1, 2018 2:22 pm

Pankaj Tripathi says the industry today has confidence in him that he will deliver a great performance.