Paul Armstrong – 4am On My Mind lyrics

How the electricity seams to fly, when ever you catch my eye. As the power of this attraction is blowing my mind. Each day I get these feelings as our soles intertwine, as you fight the feelings we both have on our mind. .., After all! am I can touch you, in the dreams of mine. Your the little things, on my mind, taking my precious time. I want to touch the little thing on my mind, I want to touch you all the time. It’s 4am and I keep thinking of you , and what I want to do with you,
Your stuck in my head and your not even in my bed. Become mine until the end of our time? Will you come over and be mine? This connection between you and I , this feeling we reject,
We could experiment an awaking we could get,
Thats something we shouldn’t neglect. Love is life, that’s what we all want, until the end of our time.. For just a wee time.. At 4.