Paul Armstrong – Criminals In Charge lyrics

Government puppets you will be,
Government telling puppets,money will set us free. Fukushima radiates our water, Tuna fish,and seas
And biocaumlate as poisons in you and me. Criminals won’t let you be free,
Criminals let corporations control the land and sea,
They control with money and will never let you free. Criminals blaming you and me. Killing the plankton the lungs of the sea. Criminals at the top of the Ivory tree, are the criminals ruling over you and me. Criminals are the shepherds, for sheep we’ll all be
Herding us to work for them, so they can be free. Criminals in charge of you not me.. Criminals and corporations poisoning our minds and killing our trees. Criminals in charge , criminals at large. Criminals telling you to work, and you’ll be free. CrimInals who tell us we are free. Criminals in government,
Who are suppose to represent whole human tree. Telling us they are in charge
Criminals in government poisoning our rivers lands and sea.