Road to Avengers Infinity War | The best and worst of Iron Man

He is an entirely self-made superhero, and enjoys the same status that Batman enjoys in the Justice League. There was little to dislike about this film to be fair. In fact, Iron Man could be any one of the superhero movies releasing in those days – small, self-contained, and generally limited to a trilogy- but for one little scene after credits, when Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury visits Tony Stark to discuss the ‘Avengers Initiative’. A not-so-great thing about Iron Man
Forgettable villain
Although Jeff Bridges is a phenomenal actor, Iron Man was too focused on its hero to give ample space to its villain. Obadiah Stane got too little screen time to be anything more than a requisite, standard bad guy that hero has to face in the end. Marvel had started the buzz. No secret identity
Bruce Wayne wears a cowl to protect those close to him and to protect his identity. Downey Jr’s performance has been simply immaculate. This is praise-worthy since Jon Favreau’s Iron Man turned out to be the womb that gave birth to MCU. Self-contained
As I already said before, Iron Man did not make a desperate attempt to build a film universe. Although Jeff Bridges is a phenomenal actor, Iron Man was too focused on its hero to give ample space to its villain. But we like him even more now that he has matured. Iron Man was a relatively unknown character (as was almost the entire Marvel apart from Spider-man and X-Men), and the movie was buried under the phenomenon of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight that released just two months after it. People were talking about this superhero universe. And just like Batman, it is his mind and his gadgets because of which he can face beings like the Hulk. He played the character with the characteristic arrogance and wit that many associated with himself. But the experiment was successful. Iron Man revived Downey Jr’s career, and Downey Jr, in turn, made Iron Man cool again (the character had been popular in the 1960s and the 70s before falling out of favour). Thor: Ragnarok and both volumes of Guardians of the Galaxy took this formula to blend humour seamlessly into superhero cinema further. Iron Man was the first MCU film. Related News
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As far as superhero films go, Iron Man was strictly a decent movie. To be honest, we liked Iron Man because he was a bit of an A-hole. As far as superhero films go, Iron Man was strictly a decent movie. Robert Downey Jr and Iron Man were boons for each other. This changed everything. Iron Man was a superhero that did not take himself too seriously. There won’t be just a trilogy. This made it worth watching even when things were slow in the beginning. Fans list MUST WATCH superhero movies list as prepBefore Avengers Infinity War, Marvel shares a 10-year legacy featurette leaving fans emotionalFor a film that began the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man was a peculiarly small film. This told viewers that they were going to see something that was unprecedented in live-action. The ‘eventually’ part was important as Marvel was not going to rush. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd But this was not just true to Tony Stark’s character, it was also a way Marvel reinvented the genre and paved the way for a superhero team that protects the world. It was the story of a single superhero and it stayed that way throughout the theatrical run. Comedic tone
Even though Iron Man had its share of death and destruction, most of the movie had a light tone that came to define MCU films. As the saying goes, he played himself on the big screen. Has there ever been an actor better suited to play a superhero than Robert Downey Jr? Fans learned there was going to be a huge universe, full of multiple Marvel characters with movies, TV shows, etc set in the same universe. There would be dozens of films that would lead up to one large event, eventually. Five best things about Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr
Robert Downey Jr’s performance in Iron Man has been simply immaculate. Superpowers
Iron Man is a superhero in the sense that he did not mutate into one, or he did not fall from the sky, or he did not get a special serum, and so on. Iron Man turned out to be the womb that gave birth to MCU. Only thing I can think of is that I do not remember much anything about its villain. Iron Man, the cocky superhero he is, strayed away from this trope.