Road to Avengers Infinity War | The best and worst of Spider-Man Homecoming

And as we know, the big return moment happened in Captain America: Civil War where he even managed to snatch Captain’s shield! Tom Holland as Spider-Man will return in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity war. 3. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd So it was indeed a Homecoming for him when Marvel Studios finally got that. 5. Michael Keaton as Vulture
Micheal Keaton as the main antagonist, the Vulture was one of the high points of the film. Before the latest entrant into the Marvel returns in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, we take a recap at Spider-Man: Homecoming and recall the good and not-so-good things about this film. Spider-Man origins not explained
A standalone film always requires to begin from the very start, or at least explain the origin. Homecoming was more of how Peter’s story moves forward after the events of Civil War. A high school romance between Peter and Liz never fully developed and didn’t strike a chord with the audience. Tom Holland
Actors Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield might have played the superhero before, but there was something about Tom Holland that proved he is the best one of the lot. Related News
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A great actor like Donald Glover had an abrupt cameo in the movie. Though the reveal of MJ, in the end, was a pleasant twist. The character might have featured in Marvel Comics, but Marvel Studios did not have the rights for Spidey, which were owned by Fox Studios and Sony. It was a major element in the plot but remained absent as part of his origin story here. In an impressively understated performance, Keaton cements his place among the best MCU villains. The friendship of Peter Parker and Ned kept Spider-Man: Homecoming’s comic tone intact. Robert Downey Jr
Tony Stark took Peter away in the name of an internship, to be on his side during a fight with Team Capt in Civil War. He played Batman. Weak love angle
We have seen some intense romance in previous films as Peter Parker’s love life has always dominated the script. While we saw how Tony Stark aka Iron Man induced Spidey into team Avengers in Civil War, his origin and more was shown in Homecoming. Director Jon Watts kept his appearance limited, only showing up when our friendly neighbourhood web-slinger superhero required him the most. But Homecoming did not have enough of it. No Uncle Ben
Peter Parker loses his Uncle Ben in a street mugging shootout and avenging his death becomes a trigger for him to become Spider-Man. Five good things about Spider-Man: Homecoming:
1. This was a performer wasted! Barring certain points which were only broadly alluded, none of this was disclosed in the movie. 2018-04-26T07:53:18+05:30″>
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Spider-Man: Homecoming was the first standalone film of Spider-Man in the MCU. But director Jon Watts avoided doing that in this one. For those who just came, they might find the movie’s basic plot difficult to understand. So for the beginners, go back to the previous films to know more! From freaking out after finding that his best friend was indeed Spider-Man to trying to persuade him to come to a party to get brownie points, Ned did it all. But when Marvel and Sony cracked a deal to share the right of this teenage superhero opening gates to incorporate Spider-Man aka Peter Parker into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans couldn’t hold their happiness. Turning Spidey’s mentor, he was more like a catalyst that gave a much-needed push to Peter. Five not so good things about Spider-Man: Homecoming:
1. Being the youngest one to don the titular role, his innocence and swiftness have excelled over his predecessors. Spidey’s web-slinging scenes look poor at places and remind us of some video game cut-scene. Now, Stark returns in this film in his alter ego Iron Man to become the saviour when Spider-Man struggles to keep a ferry from splitting. 5. Iron Man had selective yet impactful appearances in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Jacob Batalon
Playing Ned, the geeky friend of Peter Parker, Jacob helped maintain the fun element in the film. No wonder its story has been rebooted again and again, and the audience has shown a keen interest in it every single time. CGI
Anyone is free to differ, but as compared to other Marvel films, and the fact that the studio boasts of some of the best CGI work in its films in recent years, Homecoming could not stand at par. How did he get bit by a radioactive spider? Also Read: Road to Avengers Infinity War | The best and worst of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
Tom Holland as Spider-Man in a still from the film. A self-confessed Spider-Man fan, it was no less than a dream come true for Tom to play his favourite superhero onscreen. He played Aaron Davis, a criminal looking to purchase weapons from the Vulture, but gets tricked by Spider-Man to reveal information about the main villain. But before its standalone film Spider-Man: Homecoming became MCU’s 16th offering in 2017, Spidey played by actor Tom Holland had already made his stellar cameo in Captain America: Civil War (2016). Spider-Man’s ‘homecoming’ in MCU
Robert Downey Jr. 2. RDJ provided a perfect link with the wider MCU. Actor Laura Harrier played Peter Parker’s love interest and Vulture’s daughter, Liz. How did Spider-Man get his powers? And now he aced the role of Adrian Toomes aka the Vulture too. He played Birdman. 2. aka Iron Man had already introduced Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War (2016). Both Peter and Ned’s inherent chemistry was amazing and not a moment did we not see them as genuine high school friends. 3. Micheal Keaton was menacing as the main antagonist and instilled fear in the heart of not just Peter Parker but even the audience.