Sanjay Mishra: I’m glad I was underrated

First, the struggle is to prove your worth to yourself, then you prove it to the society, and then you’re free. Hence, today I am normal in front of any actor,” he says, adding, “I am that actor who rehearses on producer’s money.” His passion for collaborating with interesting directors led him to Dil Se, helmed by Mani Ratnam. I’m glad I was underrated. Related News
It is only the new directors who explored me: Sanjay MishraKadvi Hawa movie review: The Sanjai Mishra starrer feels like a stretch even at 100 minutesKadvi Hawa actors Sanjai Mishra and Ranvir Shorey believe that their National Award winning film is an entertainerSanjay Mishra is one of the most successful actors today but to reach this stage, he had to overcome several struggles – from the monetary crisis, lack of substantial roles to walking on the path of introspection when he left his career briefly only to return for his passion of movies. “Wherever I struggled for work, I never got work there. Mishra’s acting break in films came with Ketan Mehta’s Oh Darling Yeh Hai India; a filmmaker he wanted to work with ever since he saw his Mirch Masala. Sadly, it was not his acting skills that mattered to people but his looks, and because of which, few doubted his calibre as an actor. The actor played a terrorist in the 1998 Shah Rukh Khan-Manisha Koirala-starrer and recalls how he was “so full of energy” that when the team was shooting the “Chhaiya Chhaiya” song, he refused to stay in his room. If I became an actor, I know I can do this too. This was my love for cinema, I was so involved in it,” he says. “I went to Rishikesh and stayed there for 15-20 days. I always wanted to be an actor, not a hero. In his film career of 23 years, Mishra, who has straddled both commercial and parallel cinema – from Golmaal, All The Best to Masaan and Ankhon Dekhi more recently – is glad when people call him an underrated actor. I used to watch Delhi-bound Rajdhani train and cry. I didn’t have a family business to fall back on, so I had no other option but act.”
Sanjay Mishra in Kadwi Hawa. He finally bagged a comedy television show Sorry Meri Lorry in 1995, where Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar were assistants, and slowly started climbing up in his career. I so badly wanted to go back. The actor is currently shooting for Anil Kapoor-Madhuri Dixit starrer Total Dhamaal. I used to minutely observe the actors and learn. It was the popular TV series Office Office and Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal that made him a household name. His father’s death pushed the actor in a zone of introspection that made him realise the transitory nature of life. While Mishra’s career was back on track, the actor says the hills still calm him down. No one should say, ‘He was born, he died’. “I did smaller roles in films to practise my craft. With a desire to become an actor and merely Rs 1,500 given to him by his father and younger brother, the 55-year-old actor arrived in the city in 1991. “When I came to Mumbai, I thought I’ll get work within a year. Life, however, took a turn when Mishra fell seriously ill nearly a decade ago. Someone had opened a ‘dhaba’ (roadside eatery) there and since I love cooking, I went to him and asked for work. My mother got it all shaved in Haridwar and I finally came back,” the actor reminisces. “While I was working there, he noticed that people recognised me. “After the NSD, when I moved to Mumbai I didn’t like it here. If I was overrated I would’ve been outdated, I wouldn’t have survived,” Mishra told PTI in an interview. As fate would have it, his father passed away 15 days later. The actor, who is a favourite of many filmmakers today, recalls the time he moved to Mumbai after finishing his studies from Delhi’s National School of Drama and did not have work. Whatever little money I had, I was running out of it. I wanted to live the life of an actor and experience that. So my job was to blow whistle every time I saw a tree coming and everyone used to bend down! Soon he started getting minuscule roles in films where he was paid around Rs 1,000, but it was still tough to survive in the Maximum City. They should say ‘He was born, and he did it’,” Mishra says. If not, I knew I had to be patient. So Mishra picked up his camera and started doing photography, clicking portfolios of budding actors and used to earn Rs 500-600. “Even today, it is my dream to settle on a hill, cook, and lead an organic life. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App (Director) Rohit Shetty was supposed to make All The Best there and there was pressure to come back. Despite having a degree from the NSD, he had no work. “A friend of mine and I went to Dara Singh once. “I wasn’t needed in the song, but I wanted to be a part of the experience of shooting it on the top of a train. “I had grown a long beard by then. He looked at me and said ‘Eat something, what kind of an actor will you be?Actors should be like Dharam paaji’!” he says. 2018-04-22T17:27:27+05:30″>
Published: April 22, 2018 5:27:27 pm

Sanjay Mishra will be next seen in Total Dhamaal. Even my mother came to take me back. People call me an underrated actor.