Yeh Hai Mohabbatein fame Shireen Mirza on not finding a home in Mumbai: Sad that people don’t trust actors

In a long post, Shireen stated, “I don’t deserve to get a house in Mumbai because I’m M B A – MUSLIM, BACHELOR, ACTOR. Firstly, Yes I’m an Actor and I do not Smoke or drink and I have no criminal records. Baring her heart out in a Facebook post, Shireen shared how landlords have been giving her a hard time as they have been refusing her a place because she is a bachelor, Muslim and an actor. I am so relieved that there are some good people still left in the society, who want to help people like us, who leave home to make a living in Mumbai.”
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Published: April 4, 2018 7:19:56 pm

Shireen Mirza portrays the role of Simmi in Divyanka Tripathi’s show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Mumbai which prides itself on its cosmopolitan character is divided on basis of religion, profession and marital status?? “He was really sweet and even though he is a non-Muslim he had no issues with my religion and even my profession. With a heavy heart and after many refusals my question is Do I belong to this city ?? There’s no difference in the blood. Second, I’m a bachelor and when I call brokers they ask me higher rents for the flats which are available saying Pay extra or u won’t get it since ur a Bachelor. So, How can they judge my character on the basis of my profession?? #supportandshare.”

When reached out to Shireen, she said, “It is so shocking that I am being treated this way. It’s sad that people have lost faith in each other and mostly on actors. As for others, they want to tweak the contracts and ask for more money from me. Recently popular star Shireen Mirza from Yeh Hai Mohabbatein faced a harrowing time as she was looking to rent a flat in Mumbai. Renting or buying a property in the city that never sleeps. This pic was taken when I came here with a dream of living in Mumbai and now After spending almost 8 years in this city this is what I get to hear.. Related News
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But seems like her post has brought a new light of hope as a person approached Shireen after seeing her post and offered to rent out his place to her. Even being a known face, I am facing such a scenario. Third, I called up another person and they ask me wether I am a Hindu or a Muslim and reverted back with an answer that Muslims are not preferred. You won’t believe that the old society I am staying in also wants me to go through the entire interview process, which was heartbreaking for me.