Between The Buried And Me – Yellow Eyes lyrics

their creation
Somewhere in the distance… it’s too quiet
The hum of electricity
My crumbling bones seem to weld the new author
A stillness… They or this? leave my mark
A translation for whatever created this world for me
I sit under the crimson moon
Whatever created this world for me
Yours or mine? Yellow eyes

Tread light
Collisions open on us more

The simple task of our own
We serve our own hell

A cocoon leaking our own conclusions
We serve our hell well
Cope with disguise

Inner working dissect
Common phase neglect
I am tangible with no logic

Change my focus, drown my spirits
There’s more to this than it may seem

Blink fast into hollow ground… seems to buzz

Cut an X in my palm… a whirlwind arriving for the passing storm
The hunt… my progress awaits
Smoke is seen in both directions
In rubble… [NIGHT FOUR]
Yellow eyes are seen circling… it’s too quiet
The hum of electricity… where the quiet lay their drowning heads at night
Flesh drapes on the smoking ground and then spills onto the teeth of the once protected
(Yellow eyes close in)

Our souls grip onto a wall
Our minds slip past this old soul

Smoke is seen in both directions
My creation sits… the hunter inside
A whirlwind arriving
The wanderer wanders too far from the gold distance
Where they live… somewhere
The softness of snow mutes my travels
Somewhere in the distance… somewhere

This landscape seems to change too often for comfort
A blinking light hides as I stumble downward
A stillness…