Bucket List actor Madhuri Dixit: The definition of female-centric cinema has changed now

“In my case, in the first place, I had no ambition to become an actress. “Earlier it used to be a woman taking revenge, someone who was victimised rising like a phoenix… a woman doing lot of action….Such kind of films were considered female-centric film,” she said. Therefore, they are writing much better characters for us. Citing the example of Vidya Balan’s Tumhari Sulu and her latest release Bucket List, she said, “These characters are housewives in their happy space. If you are not, then you tend to try your luck in Hindi cinema.”
“Also, Marathi films (earlier) did not have the appeal we have today. That is the fun in playing these characters.”
According to her, such characters celebrate the idea of keeping the spark of life alive. Having started her career in 1984, Madhuri has observed the transformation of the film industry over the last three decades and more. “I think writers understand the women better today than in our earlier days. I was happy doing my dance, acting in school plays, my study and everything. We women tend to lose ourselves in family life.”
“The fact is, if you keep the spark of life alive, relationships around you will also be more in harmony,” said the multiple award-winning actor. I think the definition of female-centric cinema has changed now and that is very interesting for all of us. It is much relatable for all of us as it deals with daily life. Is there anything she misses out on from the old days, Madhuri said, “The bonding. Most young film industry aspirants who live in Mumbai, first target Bollywood instead of trying their luck in Marathi cinema. The actor, pointing to her career graph, said, “I was fortunate enough to play various characters from the beginning of my career. Nowadays, after the shot, actors are into their vanity van, busy on social media. 2018-05-27T13:40:03+05:30″>
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Madhuri Dixit starrer Bucket List has received good reviews from the audience. But according to her, now the definition of that genre of films has changed. “In my film, the character does not have any larger than life wishes to fulfil because the idea is we can find the joy of life in the small things. But the process or preparation people are talking more about is of physical preparation.”
Madhuri is currently busy shooting for Kalank and Total Dhamaal. It is missing now. Technically, its production values are no less than a Hindi film.” She said films like Natsamrat, Court and Sairat have come and changed the scenario too. Related News
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What stopped her from doing a Marathi film all these years despite knowing the language? Asked about it, Madhuri told IANS, “If you want to try your luck in Marathi film, you have to be Marathi speaking. “We all have our way to get into the mind frame of the character. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App It is more evolved and more appealing to the young generation. In today’s writing, women are treated on a cerebral level. That is an internal process one cannot explain. So whether it is Tezaab, Dil or Beta… My character had her own mind. So, interaction with each other is not that much.”
On the extensive preparation that actors come with in the film industry today, Madhuri said, “I disagree on that. No matter how many shifts you are doing, as an actor, when you are before the camera, you are the character. Characters are close to reality.”
Madhuri Dixit in Bucket List.