Happy Birthday Ajith: Decoding why ‘The Ajith interview’ is a rarity

Born in Hyderabad, to a Palakkad Iyer father and a Sindhi mother from Kolkata, Ajith may have faced the challenges of being an ‘outsider’ working in the Tamil film industry. Well, it is easy to mistake Ajith for an introvert who has a hard time to articulate his thoughts in public. A responsible citizen who stands in the queue outside the polling booth. Ajith’s elusiveness only adds more layers to his ever-growing popularity and his secretive personality. When many leading stars turn a blind eye to abusive behavior of their fans on social media, Ajith set an example by acting against online trolls last year. In the recent years, the number of times the actor has indulged the curiosity of the media is negligible. Ajith understands the business of cinema and what his role in it as a showman. Two decades ago, he was called an ‘arrogant’ star. We picture him as a person from the heart-warming anecdotes of people who have had the opportunity to meet him. In 2010, he caused a tremor in the Tamil film industry when he spoke about the political pressure on the actors during a DMK function in front of then Chief Minister Karunanidhi. He is resilient. But, the opposite is the truth. 2018-05-01T12:26:43+05:30″>
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Ajith turns 47 today. Just like the brave characters he plays in his films. Related News
Ghajinikanth trailer: Arya pays tribute to AjithAjith birthday highlights: Celebrities wish Tamil superstar on 47th birthdayAjith is always unavailable, I don’t like that about him: Vishal‘The Ajith interview’ is a rare occurrence in the media landscape. He never hesitates to call a spade a spade. At the time, Ajith’s bold remarks left the industry divided and many asked him to express regret for speaking his mind. The generous guy who treats other people with respect. Everything he doesn’t say or do contributes to his larger-than-life off-screen persona. On his 40th birthday in 2011, he dissolved all his fan clubs after he found some of them were misusing his name to raise funds. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd He stays firmly put behind the curtains, letting the anecdotes about him further increase the interests of the fans for his next appearance. The Superstar could have easily related to Ajith’s sentiments for he is always targeted for hailing from Karnataka. And yet he remains a top star, who gets the biggest openings. He is a man who stands up for others and himself when the time comes. He has turned the tables since by preferring elusiveness over self-promotion. This quality has caused him a lot of trouble in the past. We hear stories about how friendly he is with his home help. The first question the actors and technicians who worked with him get asked is, ‘Tell us about Thala?.’ For Ajith will not entertain the interests of his fans, who desire to learn more about their favorite star. When he speaks, he leaves many people in shock. If the actors fail to do so, their loyalty to the state and the country is questioned, he rued. But, he stood his ground. Many deemed Ajith’s bold move would adversely impact his career. After every show, he takes a bow and vanishes out of the spotlight. He even issued an apology to those who may have faced harassment from those claiming to be his fans on the internet. And how fabulous he’s in cooking. Also Read | Ajith birthday LIVE UPDATES: Celebrities wish Tamil superstar on 47th birthday
Ajith now has a reputation of a ‘real action hero’ who never quits. That he cooks for everyone on his film sets and his specialty is biriyani. A perfect husband to his wife and a flawless dad to his children. Ajith is blunt. A man with full of virtues and free of vices. He said the actors were forced to take a stand on political issues as if they didn’t have a choice of their own. No wonder, Rajinikanth gave Ajith a standing ovation at the DMK event. And today he’s celebrating his 47th birthday. Today, people in the industry take his name as an example of humility. His career graph demonstrates how he overcame his failures and injuries to be where he’s today.