Raazi actor Alia Bhatt: Contentment is very boring

We have to add value. I was very careful because I knew what I am doing is acting, but what Sehmat did, actually happened. Think about what we can do to fix what is wrong. Even when there is a book on Sehmat (Raazi is an adoption of Calling Sehmat by Harimder Sikka), I think it was a personal journey of cracking the character. As an artiste and as an individual, I have a huge number of followers, people who look up to me. Q. This is what I learnt from this journey of playing Sehmat in Raazi. There is too much of a selfless act that she has done for her country. We have given it a lot of love as it is such an intense story. Everybody has a take on everything. It was a very big opportunity for me to portray something very honest. I can only be better than my last performance or bring myself out of the last bad performance, if at all. For example, when I went with Aamir (Khan) recently, it was a candid decision. Q. It was a golden moment for me when Highway came my way. Sehmat is the nicest person, full of innocence. That’s what I believe in. Keep working hard and keep getting better at it. Is it a conscious decision you made? As it is based on a true story, there automatically comes a sense of responsibility. What we think is being patriotic is quite opposite to what true patriotism is. We have to participate in activities that are not only beneficial to us. Meghna Gulzar is known for her ‘documentary’ type films, based on authentic research. I then want to be satisfied with a new task. We think we are patriotic because we believe in our country and that we love our country. This way people know how to survive and solve their problems, and in turn solve the drought crisis in Maharashtra. I want to be glamourous and be at the top of all fashion portals, but I also want to be at the top of all National Awards. What has been your takeaway from Raazi? And, because of that the world she creates, feels very real. It is better not to set goals. I don’t think I can ever do that. In your career span of eight years, you have portrayed some very different characters. A new goal has to be set. Are there any new goals? Don’t only talk about what’s wrong. My heart is automatically reaching out to these roles. I learnt a lot. Did you feel burdened in any way, since you’re playing a character inspired by a real-life person? But that is not enough. Once you achieve a goal, it is over. Are you content with the way your career is shaping up. It is conscious, but in an unconscious way. I am not picking up the same film. Since you play an Indian spy married to a Pakistani military officer during the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971, what is your take on patriotism? In my honest opinion, her attention to detail is very specific, and she takes it very seriously. Q. I can’t believe that I have done a film like Raazi with Meghna because along with her I have also lived the life and journey of Sehmat. I just took on the opportunities and this is what my life is about. He is imparting knowledge to people of our country, to the farmers who need it and doing his bit with Paani Foundation. I understood what he is doing. Related News
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© IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd I had to create this character of Sehmat from scratch. We have nurtured this film. Your first period thriller. It showcased my side as an actor. Q. I don’t like to be content. I want to have a balance of both. Q. For me that is being a true patriot, for me actions speak louder than words. How was it working with her? There is no need to have a take, just feel. I like to be satisfied with a task and complete it. Q. When I started acting, I didn’t know if I’d excel or fail. It is so happening that every film I am doing is so different from one another. We started cracking her character on a very basic level. I keep moving on. And, goals are limiting. It was scary. It left a very deep impact on me. Student Of The Year gave me my biggest youth fan base. I have a take on a lot of things, but I think that’s the problem today. I loved working with Meghna. Contentment is very boring. 2018-05-07T07:08:43+05:30″>
Published: May 7, 2018 7:08:43 am

Alia Bhatt will be seen in Raazi opposite Vicky Kaushal.