Serpentwithfeet – Bless Ur Heart lyrics

Will they inspire subtle lovers to kiss with mouths they don’t have yet? [Verse 1]
When I give these books away will my ink betray me? Will my stories resist wings and grow feet and convince men that I’m boasting? Boy, whoever reads about how much I adore you
I hope my words bring them something new, something new

[Chorus 1]
Ooh child bless your heart, keep a tender heart

[Verse 2]
With you I can empty myself of all my rivers and become a remarkable sky
How could I keep these love documents to myself? Today I’ll find a kind and burrowing creature that can carry these pages into the ground
He’ll recite the details of your love with his family
And what was once a whisper will become a deep rumbling sound

[Chorus 2]:
Ooh child bless a heart, keep a tender heart
(I’ll keep a tender heart)
(Oh, I’ll keep my tender heart)

Boy thank you for showing me how to be gentle (heart)
I have courage to share your love boldly (heart)
(heart) Or will my psalms seek the company of lonely breaths? How could I restrict what’s given me life?