The Garfield Band – Gimme Lasagna lyrics

(That’s the End of Are Song.)
Yeah! Gimme Lasagna. (Lasagna)
I Want Lasagna. [Hic]
Gimme Lasagna. Don’t Gimme No Turkey; They’re Birds and I Want Some, But I’m Not Hungry for That. Jon, Gimme Mo Lasagna. [Clang]
Lasagna! (Mmmmmm]
I’m So Darn Full. Jon, Gimme All The Lasagna Ya Got (All Ya Got.)
All That Lasagna. (Mo Lasagna)
And That’s The End of Are Song. (Not Hungry for That.)
Gimme Lasagna. (They Taste Like Crap.)
Gimme Lasagna. (So Darn Full)
I’m Gonna Puke. Don’t Gimme No Raisins; They Taste Like Crap.