The Reunion actor Anuj Sachdeva: I feel shy when people call me a hunk

On television, we either have very good or very bad characters. Is that a reason why you said yes to The Reunion? What kind of a student were you? I felt nostalgic about my school life in Delhi and started remembering my friends and all the pranks we used to play and all the fun we used to have. The Reunion is about friendship. We all have a Dev within us. Friendship as a concept can never be fickle, only people can be fickle. How did you relate to him? Yes, it did trigger a lot of memories. Not really. Also, what do you have to say about the shift in viewing pattern of the audience? The Reunion is Zoom Studios’ original web-series directed by Karisma, who has earlier assisted Kabir Khan and other Bollywood directors. He is as human as any character can get. But I am mature enough to separate the various aspects of my life and focus on what is important. In an exclusive conversation with, actor Anuj Sachdeva talks about playing a realistic character of Dev, his school life and much more. As a kid, I knew I had to join my father’s footwear business, but I was very good with computers so I thought I will end up doing something in that field as well. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
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Published: May 21, 2018 12:52:54 pm

Anuj Sachdeva plays the role of Dev in the on-going webseries The Reunion. Here are excerpts from the interview:
The Reunion brings back memories from our school days. In The Reunion, we see Dev struggling through his career which is also taking a toll on his relationship. But when I go back to Delhi, I do meet a couple of them. I don’t know how I was back then. I have a few close friends from college not so much from school. I guess whatever happens in your life takes a toll on some other aspect of your life. One of my school friends is in the US and I did meet him when I had been there. Hmm. I have troubled my teachers a lot. What has been your experience? It is a good shift because now we have shows for everyone. In The Reunion, I got to play the character somewhere in between good and bad. I was quite a mischievous student who loved to play pranks. Not very often. It was difficult at first but then later I realised I need to play a regular person with ups and downs in life. So, you choose the right ones to leave out the rest. (Laughs) I feel shy when people call me a hunk. Because Dev is human, he is good, he is bad and he has grey. For a while, people were bored with regular TV content but now they have more niche stuff as well. Have you met anyone like Dev? I said yes to it because I was getting to play a very human character. Top News
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