Michael B Jordan wanted to play roles meant for white actors after Fruitvale Station

I don’t want any pre-bias on the character,” Jordan said. That just feels so dope to me,” she added. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App During Variety’s Actors on Actors series, the 31-year-old actor told fellow actor Issa Rae after the Ryan Coogler-directed film he made a decision to not audition for roles which were specifically written for black people. “If it were a leading woman of a certain type, I just knew the type that they would go for, so I’m just not going to even bother,” Rae said. Me playing that role is going to make it what it is. Even just the confidence that a movie like ‘Black Panther’ and other films by other filmmakers of colour, that have come out, have really just changed what people perceive as a leading lady, as the beautiful person, the daring or the bold action-adventure type. Related News
Fahrenheit 451 movie review: Michael B Jordan shines in a hurried narrativeMichael B Jordan on initially rejecting Fahrenheit 451: Being a black man, I didn’t want to play an oppressorFahrenheit 451 trailer: Michael B Jordan is a book-burner in this adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s classicBlack Panther star Michal B Jordan has said that post his criticially-acclaimed film Fruitvale Station he only wanted to play roles that were meant for white actors. “People have been receptive. I want to only go for, like, (roles written for) white males. Rae, best known for creating and starring in HBO’s Insecure, discussed the positive change in Hollywood and recalled how she was sent roles she was not sure she would be able to get because of her race. 2018-06-08T20:13:37+05:30″>
Published: June 8, 2018 8:13:37 pm

After Fruitvale Station, Michael B Jordan worked with Ryan Coogler in Creed and Black Panther. “I said, I don’t want it. That’s it.