Namit Das: Television and digital medium will give movies a run for money

Also, that just intensifies the impact that it has on people. “The mobile phone travels with you and so we are actually getting closer to our audience. Each medium is powerful but I must add that television and digital will give movies a run for its money.”

Sharing more about his future projects, Namit added, “I am currently going back to films. So I think the lines dividing it are blurring out now. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App
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Published: May 31, 2018 6:50:05 pm

Namit Das has been part of films, television and now digital space. 5 is currently streaming on Zee5. It will tread the path on what could be the right way to achieve the same.”
Watch web-show Table No.5’s official trailer here:

With the show streaming on the digital medium, we asked the Humari Adhuri Kahani actor on his take on the web world. Every story is different but the premise is same, about what happens on that specific table. So right now I am busy with these projects.”
Table No. “I have a simple way to answer this. But now with the digital boom, you are very well sitting in everyone’s pocket,” he said with a laugh. Talking about my part, I play an aspiring magician, who is waiting on the table for someone/something when he meets a senior magician (played by Mohan Kapoor). I am doing a movie called Shree Radhe and I also play an important role in Vishal Bharadwaj’s Churiyan. A few years back, if you were on television, you were in everyone’s home. The medium is becoming stronger definitely.”
Namit has been part of films, television and now digital space, and on our query, whether there’s actually a competition between the three mediums, he said, “There’s no competition as each of it has its own impact. And I also think all of them are merging into one. recently chatted with Namit about his next web-show Table No. He is a fan of the person and after a normal conversation, what unfolds is a tale of ego, up-manship and the need to be on the top always between them. Talking about his show, Namit shared, “I am part of one story that’s part of a bigger series. 5 that streams on Zee5 and also about the rise of digital content as compared to movies and television. Even when it’s a film, an actor is required to be available for promotions in television and digital. Related News
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