Avengers Endgame: Here is how the last five MCU films fared at the box office

It also reinvented the languishing Thor franchise, earning it 853.97 dollars worldwide.  

Comment(s) It has crossed the 1 billion dollar mark and now stands at 1.09 billion dollars with 404.26 million dollars in North America and 690.07 million dollars overseas. Avengers: Infinity War: Everybody expected this gigantic film to be a success, but it exceeded even the wildest expectations to top the 2 billion dollar mark. Its performance is by no means bad, but it was treated as a filler movie sandwiched between the two Avengers films. Also Read | Avengers Endgame review: A spectacular send-off


Ant-Man and the Wasp: The movie which was said to be a palate cleanser after the tragic ending of Infinity War did just okay by MCU standards. At least Captain Marvel had a significance in that it was introducing the future leader of the MCU. 1.36 billion dollars of it came from overseas and the rest in its home market North America. It earned 1.34 billion dollars which included more than 700 million dollars in North America, which remains the highest for the MCU. Latest Videos


Avengers Endgame: Audience Review

Black Panther: A relatively standalone superhero movie largely unconnected from the rest of the MCU became this humongous cultural phenomenon that resonated throughout the world. Advertising

It also has a decent chance of becoming the biggest film at the worldwide box office ever. Captain Marvel: Brie Larson’s superhero movie is still running in some theaters after its release early last month. Endgame, by all accounts, should beat it. Let’s take a look at how the last five Marvel movies performed at the global box office, starting from the earliest. It grossed 622 million dollars with 406.02 million dollars in North America and the rest overseas. It is the fourth highest grossing movie of all time and MCU’s biggest movie yet. This seems likely considering the responses it has been generating. Thor: Ragnarok: Arguably MCU’s craziest, weirdest film, Thor: Ragnarok was adored by critics and audiences alike.