Avengers Endgame: They did start the fire

Marshall Mcluhan would be proud. Amateur. Excerpts from the conversation after the above-mentioned song was dispatched to his inbox:
Me: In case you are clued into the MCU, and are waiting for Avengers Endgame. You are too taxing. And really, comparison with Game of Thrones, that’s not even a worthy comparison. I only watched Game of Thrones’ first season last week. And this might be a deal breaker. The voice note expanded on the MCU and it’s evolution over a decade, and 22 films. Popular Photos

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The moment the film started, and as Hawkeye’s ankle monitor came into focus, the silence that enveloped the hall was akin to that off a church in full flow of Sunday Mass. The fandom is absolute and I wasn’t the only one who muttered with dawning recognition ‘Joe Russo’ when the Avengers director made a blink-and-you-miss appearance in the film. I let mine wash down my face. We all sat together through the laughter and tears, and the loudest laugh was reserved for Rocket, the Racoon, voiced by Bradley Cooper, as he snappily comments on Thor (Chris Hemsworth), “You look like melted ice-cream”. But given that the majority of the audience was ‘later millennials’, the moment the red, black and grey Marvel Studios logo came up on the screen, so did the phone cameras. I did watch Avengers: Endgame first day and alone at a multiplex in Noida. Really? Patiently lines were maintained and the cheap, single-use 3D glasses were taken, without elbow nudges or shoulder shoving. I see many films alone – call it an occupational hazard, or just plain necessity and sometimes choice – and yes there are some odd times when I wish that I had brought someone along, especially in horror or thriller films. I sent him the Avengers: Endgame version of “We didn’t start the fire”, thinking that if he wasn’t a #marvelfan, at least the crossover of a Billy Joel classic would make him chuckle. Having never seen an international football match live, I think this is maybe what avid football fans and spectators in Europe or Latin America must feel, especially when their team is winning. 20 minutes into the second half of the film, one of the maintenance staff of the theater entered through the exit door, and he left it a tad open, letting in a brief wisp of light enter the dark sanctum. Also, as the generous person that I am, I told him that he should not worry as I would be his mentor and guide and welcome the uninitiated into the Marvel family. Thanks so much, but it already seems too taxing. But this felt different. We are legit obsessed and we live the story. The message this time was bigger than the medium. The gasps were loudly audible, the shrieks of celebration were universal and so were the utterings of ‘oh yeah!’ and the accompanying rounds of applause. Advertising

There is this boy I am texting with. Or Series? After reading this text, I sent him a minute-long voice note in a shrill, supremely excited voice as obviously this news was too big to be handled over text. There were many stifled no’s and hushed ‘damns’ as the going got a lot tougher in the film. Rows had to readjusted, and chairs were reallocated. Thor, Hulk, Iron Man and Black Panther were all mentioned and attributed their place of pride. Thor did look like melted ice cream, but like delicious whole bean vanilla ice-cream. But what I experienced while watching Avengers: Endgame was something even better than watching it with a friend or well-wisher. Latest Videos


Avengers Endgame: Audience Review

After five unanswered texts and one nervous voice note later — which I heard and not replied to, he had offered to go watch Endgame with me, and also watch the 21 films that comprise the MCU. Insert major eyeroll emoji. There was a sense of nervous anticipation, combined with a hushed reverence. (Read: Hoping to god you are, and would sit and watch all the 21 films with me before watching the first day, first show of Endgame with me. Him: What is Avengers? Tumse naa ho payega). As the above conversation shows, we Marvel fans don’t kid around when we say that we are fans. Maybe. This was too special an experience to be ruined by a stray ray of light. But nonetheless, melted or not, he is still worthy. Me: Fine. Some Film? Every bit of activity or action that unfolded on the screen, elicited an almost instantaneous, collective response from the audience. As PVR had added extra seats, the numbering was off. He is on the road to redemption. Somewhat. At 10 am, with about 500 other movie-goers, most of whom were mostly pre-pubescent boys and young men, and some token girlfriends, I stood waiting, to be ushered into the theater. (Subtext: Too taxing! As an avid movie buff, I have seen many films first day, first show. He is nice, intelligent, funny, the works. Advertising

Him: As you know by now, this is not my world. I also saw one selfie taker, – but that’s what – just one. 0
Comment(s) I think this is proof that we all have hearts, just like Tony Stark. My heart soared with the film, and as I wrote this – while listening to the playlist ‘ Marvel Cinematic Universe ‘ on Spotify, I looked back in celebration, as Tony Stark had instructed. I could swear that the gentleman sitting next to me too sniffled a few tears. The angry cry of outrage by the packed hall – even though in hushed tones – was enough to startle him and make him drop his phone and scamper out. Fingers Crossed). The Delhi audience, which is otherwise quite impatient, unruly, and quite happy to call anyone and everyone out on anything, bore all this patiently.