Baarish first impression: A not-so-new TV drama

Does the brief summary sound similar? Advertising

That, in a nutshell, are the first three episodes of AltBalaji’s latest show Baarish. After watching the first three episodes of the 20-episode long series, I am unsure why it has been released on the digital platform. 0
Comment(s) Having watched some AltBalaji shows like Broken but Beautiful, Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain, Haq Se, Apharan and now Baarish, it seems the makers do not spend as much time on the first few episodes as they do in creating the rest of the show. (hint: the title of the show)


Baarish is shallow, unoriginal and there is no character for which you will want to go back. Sharman and Asha’s mediocre acting adds to the misery. The show, within the first five minutes, establishes that in India, family is paramount. To think of it, that is the plot of almost every TV drama you would have watched since Ekta Kapoor ‘redefined’ Indian television. But the first episode of Baarish fails to deliver. The pilot episode sets the tone of the show and leaves the door open for the audience to come back to it. That remains to be seen. The son who is timid and obedient is ‘good’ and the one who is ambitious, assertive and questioning is ‘bad’. To top it all, every time Anuj and Gauravi’s paths cross, it is raining! One who looks after the parents is ‘ideal’ and the one who listens to his wife is a ‘black sheep’. Baarish, like any other Balaji Telefilms offering, could have been a decent TV show with some 800 episodes running over the course of five years. Will it get better after taking some time to establish itself?