Brochevarevaru Ra teaser: A kidnapping story sprinkled with humour

The cast and crew of Brochevarevaru Ra at the teaser launch
Going by the teaser, it looks like the director has an interesting kidnapping story with some humour. The teaser is greatly complimented by the background song composed by Vivek Sagar. The teaser ends with Nivetha Pethuraj’s rejection to act in front of the camera for the narration she is given by Satya Dev. Produced by Vijay Kumar Manyam, Brochevarevarura is scheduled to release in June. 0
Comment(s) Here, Rahul falls in love with Mithra (Nivetha Thomas), who is a classical dancer and also the daughter of their college principal. “Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, and dear Boku boys like R3 batch, here comes Brochevarevarura teaser to tease you,” he captioned the video. Sai Sriram is the cinematographer and Ravi Teja Girijala is the editor for this dark comedy entertainer. Advertising

Sri Vishnu took to Twitter to share the teaser of Brochevarevarura. He narrates a story of R3 batch – a college group of three men, named Rocky, Rambo and Rahul (Sri Vishnu). The teaser begins with a director (Satya Dev) explaining a story to an actor (Nivetha Pethuraj). Advertising

Check out the teaser here:

The group decides to kidnap the daughter of Radha Krishna but the details of this character are not unveiled in the teaser.